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April 28-29, 2017

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Tony Mathews

The Senior Pastor as Mobilizer for Missions - What happens when the senior pastor gets on fire for misions? The answer is simple he will never be the same, and niether will the church he serves. This workshop explores practical ways pastors can mobilize their congregations for global missions. We will cover topics ranging from influence to indifference, and we will examine how pastors can balance their local church responsibilites with the mandate to fulfill the Great Commission.

Elvin McCann

Spiritual Warfare and the Gospel - A study on identifying, understanding, and dealing with the enemy in your missional engagements

 Missions 101: Developing a Mission Strategy - Learn 7 guiding principles for strategy development and 7 factors in selecting a focus area. These will provide the framework upon which you can build your missions strategy.

Mike Northen

Build Mission Support With Those That Cannot Go - Ok, so your Church is "Mission Minded" but how do you involve all members, even those that cannot physically go on a mission trip? How can they participate as if they were actually there? Create in members a "heartburn" for missions that goes beyond going. Discover mission projects that do not involve "going" but "doing."

Tiffany Smith

Travel & Safety Tips for Overseas Missions - Pastors, team leaders, and volunteers going on mission need to be concerned about the increasing trend of crisis situations when traveling overseas.  Americans can sometimes even be targeted or hassled in countries where the people have an aversion to the west.  BEFORE going overseas, it is vital that we understand basic travel and safety principles that could drastically reduce or even avoid a crisis situation.      

Loving Your Neighbors - The art of neighboring is a skill that we have lost in our American busyness.  We have been sent to go into the world to make disciples.  As we focus upon this goal, we need to start with the everyday relationships with our neighbors and local shops.  God has placed you to be a witness on your street and in your neighborhood and community.  We will look at various resources and tools to help you to be on mission as you love your neighbors well.  Learn how to cultivate relationships, engage creatively, and share the Gospel naturally. 

George Ross

Churches Plant Churches: How to Partner in a SEND City - Acts records the incredible story of gospel multiplication through church planting. Join our workshop as we learn from the church of Antioch and hear about practical ways for local churches to partner in SEND Cities through prayer, participation, and/or provision. No church is too small or lacks the ability to be a significant partner in reaching North America through church planting 

Disciple Making 101 - Discipleship is one of the most talked about church planting topics. There is no shortage of strategies, methods, theories, and pronouncements on the subject. With so much written and talked about, we still have a glaring weakness when it comes to gospel multiplication through reproducible discipleship. Join us as we ask; what is a disciple, what is your reproducible strategy for making disciples, and how is your reproducible strategy working?

Scott Sheppard

City Transformation: It Takes a Reach a Village - We think of America as a cultural melting pot, and it's easy to see why. Cultures collide and mix to give each and every "village" in our nation its own unique flavor. No matter where we live, the world has moved in next door to us. That makes it easier than ever to make disciples of all the nations... but only if you can get the entire village out of their individual homes! Let's talk about one village -- representing over 100 nations, three city governments, and an independent school district -- that is learning how to collaborate to achieve common goals despite their different motivations. Let's talk about City Transformation.

Steve Cochran

Church Planting and the Seasoned Pastor - God called me, a pastor who had been serving in the local church for 33 years to "GO and make disciples" in a community that was 82% un-churched! Everything that I had challenged our churches to do for over 3 decades was now God's calling for me and my wife. Is this you? Is God calling you to step out of your comfort zone to plant a church? Join us in this workshop to see how all that you ever wanted to accomplish for Christ can become a reality.

David Smith

Associations and Missions and Trends - Bill Hybels has said, "The local church is the hope of the world." In light of that, what role does the local Association play in supporting the local church and ultimately impacting to Kingdom expansion? Come join the conversation and hear the story of how God is using the Association in Austin. The Association functions best when it networks churches to accomplish more together than one church could on its own.

Terry Coy

Missions and Ministry in a Post-Christian Society:  What you need to know and do - We all know our culture is changing to be more post and even anti-Christian. What happened? What does it mean? Most importantly, how are we to do missions and ministry in this new society?

From What I Have Seen: Five fool-proof ways to successfully plant a church (or grow an established church) - No, these are not groundbreaking observations. They are, unfortunately, too often overlooked or neglected. This session will present these basic principles in a new and helpful way.

Kyle Ray

Preparing the Small Church for Mission Trips - God's command to small churches with small budgets is the same as the larger churches with large budgets. Armed with the Spirit of God and His word, every expression of the local church is equipped to obey God's great commission. This seminar will examine the role of the small church in God's global mission and serve to equip smaller congregations with the tools they need to serve God faithfully among the nations.

Gary Smith

Partnering in Seattle - Seattle is the most unreached city for the gospel in the USA. Yet, God is at work planting new churches. This workshop will explain how any church of any size can get involved in Seattle church planting.

Judy Hughes

Short-Term Mission Trip Tool Kit - Short-term missions trips are an important part of missions today. Learn good practices for effective missions, doing no harm to existing work and staying safe.

Patti Oefelein

Using English to Reach Others for Christ - Learn how to use literacy ministries to be an effective tool for sharing the gospel. Teach adults to speak, read and write English or tutor children and youth while making an impact on their spiritual lives. Share God's love and develop relationships as you help others meet their everyday needs.

Kie Bowman

The Church That Changes the World, a Study of Acts - In this workshop we will see how people, cities, nations and eventually an empire, were all changed by the miraculous love, mercy and power of God, demonstrated by the church of Jesus Christ. We will talk about these dramatic changes and how it leads us to only  one reasonable conclusion: the church changes the world.

Brian McFadden

On Mission with God - Living missionally isn't something you do, it's who you are. This workshop will help you develop a well-rounded ministry that will challenge your members, impact your community, and change the world.

Richard Taylor

More Than a Member - What we believe about ourselves is often reflected in how we operate. Many churches struggle in mobilizing for missions because both those in the pulpit and in the pews have the wrong perspective of who they are and what they should be doing. In this interactive workshop we will seek to change the narrative.

How to Mobilize Students for Ministry and Missions - Students are often unengaged because they do not have a sense of ownership. Adult leaders often say, "They are the church of the future". Consequently some sit on the sidelines waiting their turn, but many more wander away with great frustration. Many churches are missing an energetic and eager workforce.

Dan Acharya

Reaching Hindus in Your Community - Discover a Worldview through the eyes of our Hindu friends & how we can reach them for Christ. 

David Alexander

Storytelling - Much of our society receives information from story tellers; whether through audio or video media forms. We will cover how to use this narrative method as a strategic means of sharing God's story with those around us.

Developing a System for Church Multiplication - The development of church planters has often been outsourced by the local church to state and national entities. This is changing and the change is good. We will dialogue about how to develop a church planting center within your church for the formation of future church starters and missionaries.

Chuy Avila

Reaching Hispanics - Reaching first and second generation Hispanics is thought to be a challenge but that is not necessarily true. We will talk about the differences between them and how to reach them as well as reaching the Hispanic community along the border of Texas.

Shane Pruitt

Common Characteristics of Millennials - This is an incredible generation that has become almost like a people group of their own. So, it begs the questions: How do we reach them? How do we minister to this generation? How do we empower them for ministry and leadership?

Ben Hays

Reach Houston - Reach the World -This workshop will provide opportunities to join God on mission in America's most ethnically diverse mega city.  You will hear stories about church planting and church revitalization fresh from the field. You will be offered strategic next steps to get your church engaged with reaching the nations from right here in Texas.

 Martin Gonzalez

Embracing Buddhists in your Community - Who are the Buddhist People Groups in Texas? Where do they come from and what languages do they speak? What do they believe? How can I connect with them to share the message of the Gospel? These are some of the questions that this workshop will answer.

 Damon Halliday

Saved to Serve - We are not saved just to feel safe, but to serve the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we do what God has saved us to do we will experience the greatest Joy in life. Our joy is equal to the longevity of our purpose, that’s why temporary things can only produce temporary joy. The only way to experience eternal joy is by leading people into eternity. This joy I have the world didn’t give to me and the world can’t take it away.

 Scottie Stice

Intro to Disaster Relief - This training module, Introduction to Southern Baptists of Texas Disaster Relief, serves as the entry point into the Disaster Relief (DR) ministry. It is required for all DR Volunteers. Training covers how DR is organized, introduction to the various DR ministry areas, and deployment procedures. Instructions will be given so that you can order your DR t-shirt and cap. At the end of this training, you will be ready to respond on your first SBTC Disaster Relief deployment.

*You must be 18 years or older to take this training.

*This is the training you need for DR re-certification.

*This training will take place during workshops 3 & 4 on Saturday morning. You will still have the option of attending workshops 1,2, 5 & 6.

Suzie Miller

Prayerwalking - Prayer is talking with God and listening to His voice. "Prayerwalking" is a way to strategically use prayer in every part of your life. Learn how to pray on-site with insight for your community, school, church, and workplace.

Becoming a Welcomer - As believers, we are commanded to go and make disciples. Many of us can't go to another country, but God has brought the world to us. Learn how to be a "Welcomer" to those in your community who have come from another culture and show them God's love.


Influencing Muslims for Christ - Learn practical steps to networking with your Muslim neighbors; assimilating into their lives and influencing them to make a decision for Christ.

 Jay Harris

Assessment of your Church and Community for Ministry: How demographics, scientific surveys, and the advantages of knowing your church and your community help you reach people for Christ. Special emphasis on the importance of surveys for starting new works with examples of how others have used them. 

 D. Ray Davis

People, Places and Pathways - IMB Opportunities - How can your church join a movement to send limitless missionary teams through innovative pathways to unreached peoples and places? How can IMB partner with your church as we make disciples and plant multiplying church together? Join us as this workshop will answer these questions and more.

 Roger Lender

Helping Muslims overcome four major objections to faith in Christ - In this two-part series we will talk about how you can answer those objections in a way that Muslims will understand. We often think our traditional methods of evangelism work with Muslims but the reality is it is difficult at best for them to relate. Come see how you can overcome these obstacles in a relevant way.

 Worth Ballinger

Current Mission Strategies in South Asia - Join us to discover how God is working among South Asians today! We'll survey a few of the most effective strategies for evangelism and church planting being used in our part of the world. Be a part of this discussion and take away some ideas that can be implemented wherever you serve.

 Steve Dorman

Reach Mexico from Texas - Partnering with new local church plants to better reach and train new believers.

Jason Crandall

Proliferate - 85% of American churches run under 200 in attendance. These churches are not small they are normal; they are everyday churches. If everyday churches mobilize by building biblical conviction, collaborating, capturing a vision, communicating and then following through on calling then a sleeping giant will wake up in the arena of church multiplication.


Join us for the SENT Conference, a uniquely designed event geared to train, network and help  mobilize the body of Christ. This conference is for everyone! Pastors and church leaders, with the variety of workshops and training that SENT offers you will want to bring your members as this conference will assist you and your members to live on mission or "Live SENT." SENT is all things missions - great worship, great messages, great workshops and great networking all to fulfill the great commission. Your SENT Conference is “For Texas, by Texas, to Reach the Nations.”   This is the place to hear and see what God is doing among the nations.

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Barry Calhoun
Mobilization Director and Church Planting Team

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