The Reach Houston Initiative is a strategic process to mobilize churches for the purpose of intentionally focusing on church planting and revitalization in the greater Houston region.  

Reach Houston Strategy

  • Church Planting

It has been recently stated that 2,000 people per week move to Houston. Think about this in terms of church planting. If we could succeed at planting a church every week that rapidly grew to 2,000 people, we would barely keep up with the population growth of Houston, much less impact the approximately 68% of unchurched people who already live here. Therefore, the urgency of the call to plant more churches in Houston is immense.  We need to plant many more biblically faithful, gospel centered churches to reach our city for Christ.  We need church planters who hear the call of God to come to Houston. We also need numerous established churches to step up to sponsor new church plants in Houston. Find more information on Church Planting here.

  •  Church Revitalization

A casual drive around many areas of Houston will reveal that we have a lot declining churches.  Often, older church buildings are sold to developers and demolished because a thriving body of believers no longer exists there.  Therefore, not only do we need to plant more churches, but just as importantly, we need to revitalize existing churches to carry the Gospel message to a new generation in their neighborhoods.  The SBTC has some excellent training opportunities and resources to guide a church through revitalization.  Find more information on Church Revitalization here.

  •  Reaching Internationals in Houston

Do you have a heart for internationals? Houston is the place for you! Houston is a vast international mission field right here in the American south, and you don't even need a passport! Research indicates that Houston is home to more than 350 ethno-linguistic people groups speaking more than 220 languages. We are praying for God to send a flood of missionaries and people group church planters to bring the Gospel to the nations residing in our city. Find more information on reaching internationals as a People Group Missionary or Church Planter here.

  • Mission Teams and Planned Vision Tours

We want to invite you to join us on our mission field in Houston. We are asking for teams from across Texas and the US to come and serve alongside our faithful brothers and sisters who are in the trenches of urban missions. As Reach Houston continues to grow, we will have many types of missions opportunities for your team from urban to suburban, from evangelism to construction. If you desire to learn more about bringing a short-term team to assist our church planters and revitalizers contact Ben Hays.

If your church would like to participate in a mission trip to Houston, please fill out our form.

Reach Houston Vision Tours

The SBTC's strategic initiative, Reach Houston, invites you to come see first hand what God is doing in church planting and revitalization in the nation's most ethnically diverse mega city. We pray you will hear the "Macedonian call" to help us reach our city for Jesus!

  • January 14-16, 2019

Reach Houston Map

For more information contact Ben Hays.

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