About Texas Missions Initiative (TxMI)

Our Purpose

  • Plant House churches
  • Equip churches to effectively communicate the Gospel to unreached people groups
  • Equip and assist churches in planting house churches
  • Provide class rooms and hands on training to reach multi-housing residents and people of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim background customized to the needs of each congregation we serve

Our Vision

  • To see a church planting movement among the unreached people groups living in Texas and equip churches so that they are effective in evangelizing and discipling Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Refugees and Apartment Dwellers

Core Values

  • Treasure the body of Christ
  • Depend on God through prayer
  • Focus everything around relationships
  • Utilize all God-given resources
  • Pursue unreached pockets of people

Fast Facts

  • The Texas population is expected to increase by 22.5% this decade; 34% from International migration
  • There are over 300 languages spoken in Texas
  • Houston has over 315 people groups, 209 different languages and 139 different countries
  • Texas has over 500,000 Muslims and 1 million Hindus and Buddhists
  • Pluralism and Relativism reigns


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