Texas Missions Initiative where do they come from

People Groups  come from ...

  • Refugees - these are people groups who for one reason or another are displaced in their country of origin and have not taken asylum within Texas. The largest number of refugees coming to Texas are African people groups (Congolese and Somali), Bhutanese-Nepali, Arab (Iraq), Persian (Iran), Afghan, Burmese (Rohingya, Karen, Karreni, Bhama, Chin).

  • Immigrants - these are people migrating to Texas, they are foreign born (1st generation Americans), and are normally more permanent residents. The largest number of immigrants coming to Texas are the Urdu, Chinese (Mandarin), Gujarati, Telegu, Japanese and South Koreans.

  • International Students - Texas is home to several of the largest universities in the United States with international students coming from over 120 nations. Western education is a coveted item by many young adults in the world.  This desire has fueled the movement of many students to the United States for college, graduate, and doctoral-level education. The international student population has been increasing since the 1950's. By the 2012-2013 academic year, the United States reached a redord high of 820,000 such students. In Texas the largest number of international students comes from mainland China, India, South  Korea and Saudi Arabia.

90% of the people groups come from a Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist background. They need to learn English Language, along with a host of other needs ranging from physical to spiritual needs (Click here to learn more about their needs).  God has brought the nations to our doorstep.  They are our neighbors ... very near us!!!

To GET INVOLVED among refugees, immigrants, or international students, contact txmi@sbtexas.com.

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