Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Student Ministry's desire is to serve and equip students, parents, youth pastors, and churches for the purpose of reaching students across the state of Texas for Christ. Here you will find content for both leaders and students in your ministry.

Jesus' Strategy for Making Disciples through Church and Home
Jesus' Strategy for Making Disciples through Church and Home (45:39)
Discipleship needs to involve the family. However, for the family to be involved beyond church on Sunday, parents need to know what to do and where to go. Developing a common path for discipleship for church and home is imperative. Learn h... more
A Teacher's Tool
A Teacher's Tool (46:34)
There are different tools that teachers need to have in their toolbox in order to communicate the significance of what they are trying to share.  Jeff Young teaches at the 2014 EQUIP Conference. more
Family Devotions
Family Devotions (48:46)
Training the children in the modern age has been outsourced to the church. Jim Dempsey calls for the parents to be the primary Biblical and spiritual traininers of the home at the 2014 Equip Conference.   more
How to do a Family Devotion
How to do a Family Devotion (41:22)
Parents need to do spiritual training at home and not simply drop kids off at church for them to recieve that training. Jim Dempsey claims at the 2014 Equip Conference that spiritual training at home is key. more
Life Changing Bible Study
Life Changing Bible Study (50:33)
Jack Terry's philosophy of teaching is to help people come to learn better what they already know.  At the 2014 EQUIP Conference, this session looks to help teachers improve what they are already doing.   more
Preteens: Serving in a
Preteens: Serving in a "Selfie" World (40:37)
In a world causing our kids to grow up at a much younger age than ever before, upper elementary/lower middle school kids often get lost in the transition.  Discover why it's important for your church to specialize in ministry for this... more
The Myth of Adolescence
The Myth of Adolescence (48:50)
Guidelines to help youth become discipled and able to stand strong in this generation for Christ. more
Leadership (1:03:46)
Curtis James talks leadership with a group of students who are called to ministry at the Remnant Retreat. more
Sent Out
Sent Out (26:03)
Garrett Wagoner challenges students to live sent at the Remnant Retreat more
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