A Deacon on Purpose

The deacon serves as an extension of the pastor’s long arm of ministry in the local church. It is our pleasure to offer deacon training for your local congregation in a biblical, cost-effective format. A Deacon on Purpose is a short book, available at minimal cost, which guides a deacon body through the four biblical purposes of a deacon: (1) Lead by Example, (2) Serve the People, (3) Support the Pastor & Staff, and (4) Protect the Peace. The book is organized into six sessions, and is flexible for use in a variety of formats: 

  • Some pastors choose to walk their deacons through the book one session at a time over a six-week or six-month period. Six 5-7 minute videos are available at no charge to introduce each session.

  • Some deacon bodies organize a one or two day retreat during which they walk through the material together.

  • Tony Wolfe is glad to personally come train your deacons, using the material, as his schedule permits.

Deacon On Purpose Guide Book 1A Deacon on Purpose Deacon on Purpose Training Video 1Introductory videos are available through SBTC Online Training.

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