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Other Resources for Churches Seeking Ministers:

Church Staff/Ministry Position Posting Services

If you wish to announce a staff vacancy for a Southern Baptist church in Texas, we provide this free service for two consecutive issues in our print edition.  Detailed information is found on the Southern Baptist TEXAN Web site.

Pastor Search Handbook

Pastor Search Handbook Download — For pastor search committees who would like help in the pastor search process beginning with the election/selection of the committee to the calling of the pastor and beyond.

Available Ministries to Churches

Pastor Search Committee Training – Minister/Church Relations staff are available to help train and equip search committees to go through the process of organizing as a committee, evaluating resumes, interviewing candidates, and calling a new pastor.

Pulpit Supply - SBTC staff members are available to supply or preach at special occasions. Contact the MCR Department for information. We also can refer the names of other available preachers for supply.

Transitional Pastor – The Transitional Pastor program is provided by Lifeway Christian Resources, Nashville, Tennessee.  The MCR department promotes the use of this vitally important program and refers the names of men trained in this program to SBTC churches upon request.

Calling Out The Called - One special Sunday each year is given special emphasis for individuals to respond to God’s call to vocational Christian service.

For more information about any of these ministries, contact the Pastor|Church Relations Department at 817-552-2500.

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