2019 Pastor Mentor Initiative Training

$19 Registration fee | Lunch and materials included | 10:00am-3:00pm

November 12  SBTC Office, Grapevine | Register

2020 Pastor Mentor Initiative Training

$19 Registration fee | Lunch and materials included | 10:00am-3:00pm

January 28  Yorktown Baptist Church, Corpus Christi | Register

April 28  Paramount Baptist Church, Amarillo | Register

August 25  Criswell College, Dallas | Registration coming soon

November 17  Jacksonville College, Jacksonville | Registration coming soon


The purpose of the Pastor Mentor Initiative is to provide a healthy example of personal growth (between mentor/mentee) as a follower of Christ. Provide a healthy environment in a local church to equip, affirm and send men into pastoral ministry.

Duration: 12 months (pastor/church agrees to work with mentee’s schedule)

Compensation: No salary for this position (if the church chooses to pay – that’s a bonus)


Commitment for 12 continual months (or 2 semesters) from the pastor mentor, church and mentee. 

- Pastor is encouraged to buy intern meals every time they are together (spend time together)

- We encourage the pastor/church to purchase ministry & leadership books.

- It’s highly encouraged to have a Love Offering for the PI’s at the end of 12 months

- There will be times the college/seminary students will travel home for appropriate breaks 

Commitment approximately 10 hours a week (w/ some flexibility between the mentor/mentee)

- 3-4 hours on Sunday Morning (Welcome, Scripture, prayer, announcements, Lord’s Supper, Baptisms, etc.…)

- 2-3 hours on Wednesday Nights and/or Sunday Nights (It’s ideal to meet with mentees 90 minutes before service)                                   

- 1 hour of intentional Meetings w/ Staff & Leadership (for example…Wednesday nights)

- 1 hour of study/research (pastoral/bible study/preaching related)

- 1 hour of intentional pastoral visits/calls (counseling, funerals, weddings, etc…)

- 1 hour of intentional planning, admin, and miscellaneous work (phone calls, emails, etc…) 

Commitment of Ordination Process (see 9 month ordination process) 

Commitment of 3-6 Preaching Sunday Morning Services a Year

 - W/ intentional evaluation

 - W/ game plan for improvement 

Commitment of 12-24 Teaching Wednesdays (or Sunday Nights) a Year

- Same evaluation as above 

Commitment of 12-24 Student/Children Sunday School/Wednesdays a Year

- Same evaluation as above 

Commitment of reading 2-4 Pastoral Ministry & Leadership Books

- Writing 2 Papers

- Within first month (Why I feel Called to Pastoral Ministry/Beliefs)

- Within last month (Theological Implications of Practical Pastoral Ministry/Beliefs 

Commitment to reporting and communicating with PCR Ministry Associate at least once a month

For more information contact
Alex Gonzales - Pastor/Church Relations Associate

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