When a church becomes pastorless, a time of transition begins. The average time without a pastor in a Baptist church is nine to eighteen months. During that time, many of these churches need interim pastors with experience, training and ministry gifts that ensure high-quality leadership.

Some of the skills an interim pastor needs are: spiritual discernment, leadership, pastoral care, proclamation, relationships and conflict management. Interim pastors must also commit to remaining with a church until it calls a permanent pastor. Through the Today's Interim Pastor Training, interim pastors are prepared to lead churches through any type of transition.

2019 Today's Interim Pastor Training

$49 Registration fee | Lunch and materials included | 9:00am-4:00pm

August 9  Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston | Register

October 1  First Baptist Church, Kerrville | Register

October 28  First Baptist Church, Odessa | Register


November 13 SBTC Office, Grapevine | Register

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