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Barry Calhoun

Director of Mobilization & Fellowships

Barry Calhoun serves as the Director of Mobilization & Fellowships for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Barry started with the SBTC in 2006 and has worked extensively in church planting.

He is a graduate of the Alabama College of Technology, Southern Bible Institute, Dallas Baptist University, and Criswell College where he received an M.A. in Christian Leadership & Education. Barry has also studied at Oxford University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Since May 2008, Barry has served as a Gubernatorial Board Member with Governor Rick Perry in Texas. He has served as a small business owner and entrepreneur as well as served various ministries including Champions for Life, Urban Indian Ministries in Bangalore, India, as well as serving his home church of North Garland Baptist Fellowship.

Barry and his wife, Seneca, have been blessed with 3 children.

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