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Micah Meurer

Field Ministry Strategist (part-time)

Micah Meurer serves as a Field Ministry Strategist in the panhandle region.

Micah is also the campus pastor of Paramount Baptist Church’s (Amarillo) River Road campus. His ministry passions are missions, foster care and adoption, pastors, and the local church. Micah is the Founder/Director of Gospel Outreach, USA and he serves on the board of Gospel Outreach of Johannesburg, South Africa. He has personally planned, led, and participated in over 25 mission trips. He has served in various ways in denominational life through the SBTC.

Micah has a B.A. from Dallas Baptist University and a Master of Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He has also studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Micah is married to Kerra Jean and they have eight children.

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