Texas Ethics and Religious Liberties

The resources you find here are compiled from several pro-family organizations. They are intended to provide relevant information regarding moral and biblical issues. The links listed are to organizations that uplift strong families but not organizations that SBTC endorses or partners with in every case. They are each useful in their own way. We hope you will find this material beneficial as you follow our Lord’s command to be salt and light in our nation. Please email us with comments or questions about how we might help you.


American Center for Law and Justice

American Family Association


Center for Law and Religious Freedom

Christian Coalition

Concerned Women for America

Eagle Forum

Exodus International

Family Research Council

Focus on the Family

Institute for Creation Research

Movie Guide

National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families

National Right to Life Committee

Prayer for Persecuted Church

Rutherford Institute

Traditional Values Coalition


Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Ministry Index