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Texas is one of the largest immigrant receiving states in America, yet evangelicals know very little about the nations among them. Hundreds of unreached people groups now reside in Texas, including many who represent unengaged-unreached people groups from other nations. These many people groups reside in homes, condos, apartments, etc. In essence, they are neighbors to many of us, without us ever intentionally engaging them with the Gospel.

Did you know?

  • 55% of Texans live in multihousing settings

  • About 50% say they feel isolated and alone

  • About 96% do not attend church anywhere

  • Most will not leave their communities to attend a church


  • Take simple, reproducible and relational church to them

  • Plant new congregations in their communities

For more information about Apartment Dwellers Home Congregations, contact txmi@sbtexas.com.

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