for youth ministers

what to expect

We are thankful that you are looking into attending M3 Camp. If you have already completed your group hold, you have done all that you need to. We are working through the registration list now and will alert you when your registration has been approved for your week of camp.

If your week of camp fills up by the time we get to your spot, we will reach out to you about other camp options.

What we offer

  • Youth pastors are encouraged to bring their families if they obtain a hotel room at the camp.
  • Childcare is not provided.
  • We have private rooms only for Zephyr none available at Highland Lakes or Glorieta.
  • Hotel rooms are available, first come – first serve
  • Pre-programmed activities allow leaders to engage with their students without having to deal with logistics.


Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions will be offered 3 days of camp for students to go deeper. Students will get to choose from 8-10 breakout sessions each day to attend. Subject matter will include apologetics, how to share your faith, enhancing your prayer life, how to study the Bible, exploring God’s character, our identity, issues of race, hot topic issues, etc.

Church Time

Church Time is available after the evening worship experience for you to tailor to your group’s needs. Some suggestions for Church Time are:

  • Discuss what God did during the service
  • Split up into small groups
  • Play games
  • Pray for group

frequently asked questions

by youth ministers

How many sponsors/adult leaders must I bring?

You are required to provide a 1 to 8 ratio. For every 8 students, you need 1 adult (over the age of 18 and of the same gender) to stay in the dorms with your students.

Can I bring my family?

Only youth pastors will be allowed to bring their spouse and children (if they have a private room reserved – space limited). Childcare is not provided. You will be responsible to watch your children for all activities: meals, free time, etc. Children are NOT allowed in the dorms with the students. Children being at camp is dependent on if you have a private room or not.

I want sleep. Can I reserve a hotel room?

Due to space this will ONLY be available at Zephyr. These rooms will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis at our Zephyr camp only.

Can sponsors stay off-site and/or bring their children with them?

ALL sponsors must stay on-site for the duration of camp, and no children under 6th grade age are allowed on-site or in dorms with students and other leaders. The focus for the week is on the students, so please make the proper arrangements at home for your children, as no exceptions are made to this rule unless you are a YOUTH PASTOR THAT HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR A PRIVATE ROOM ON-SITE.