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church planter training


The SBTC training for church planters is a two day training event presented by practitioners for future practitioners. The Bible never commands us to plant churches. It does however, give a very clear mandate to make disciples. One of the best strategies for making disciples is to gather them in new groups of which some will become new churches. This is the philosophy behind the SBTC church planter training.

Principal based rather than methodologically driven, the materials were birthed from Basic Training by the North American Mission Board, SBC but have been completely revised, rewritten and fashioned by field experts who have experienced church planting on several continents among many diverse people groups and languages. The writers of the material are practitioners and versed across the spectrum of church starting principles from T4T and organic principles to missional communities and more conventional methods. But disciple-making processes lie at the heart of all of this.  So, regardless of your ultimate end vision, model or strategy, this training will serve to better prepare you to accomplish what God has called you to do wherever He has called you to do it.

training agenda

Session One – Foundations

Starting a new church is among the most difficult things to do in ministry.

This session addresses the planter’s calling, his support systems, the reality of spiritual warfare and how to prepare for it.

Session Two – Context

Every church exists in its own contextual environment. Who the people are in that community will inform its outreach and disciple-making strategies.

This session walks the planter through a process of learning about their community and examining the resulting missiological implications.

Session Three – Vision

When the Holy Spirit finished what only He can do amidst the focal community of the new congregation, what will that community look like? What kind of church does God want to use to accomplish His divine purpose among His people and the focal community?

A clear defined vision is key for the planter: it gives direction, filters out distracting tasks, helps in recruiting resources, and gives the church excitement and direction. Truly without a clear vision, the people will scatter.

Session Four – Mission

The mission for every church is the same – make disciples of all nations. How this is done will be informed on the context and vision of the church. This is a process, not a program.

This session is the heart of the training event during which the participants will be guided through developing a healthy disciplemaking process.

Session Five – Logistics and Support Systems

Regardless of whether one are starting an organic movement or something more conventional, the planter will face administrative challenges.

This session will address some of the more common items as well as give guidance to the coaching relationship the planter will have.

Session Six – Timeline

So you know where you are planting, have a vision and understand your community. How do you bridge the gap between present reality and the necessary future God gave you for the church and the community? Properly crafted timelines are the planter’s best friend and almost serve as a free staff person.

This session will guide the participant in determining next steps and laying down a game plan to implement immediately once the training event is over.

Please contact us for dates and locations of trainings.