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Your Southern Baptists of Texas Convention ministry leaders continue to closely monitor the progress of COVID-19, the coronavirus, in countries around the world and here in Texas. We have been heartened to see the responses of our Southern Baptist churches as they seek to continue their ministries and worship activities in new ways. Our churches are better together even in a day of social distancing.

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April 30, 2021

The Heart of the Sermon

“Teaching is giving information that explains. Preaching is an attempt to win people to respond to information that explains.”  Yancy Arrington Application tends to be one of the hardest parts…
April 18, 2021

Developing an Effective Invitation/Response

It’s Sunday Morning. I am attending your church’s worship service. I have bowed my head and listened to prayers. I have stood up for the music portion and carefully followed…
April 18, 2021

Developing a Preaching Series

On March 1, 2015, I preached the first sermon of my first senior pastor assignment. I was nervous and felt woefully underprepared for the monumental task ahead of me. The…
April 18, 2021

Build a Successful Yearly Preaching Calendar in 8 Steps

If we are going to reach the widest audience possible with meaningful, challenging, and God-honoring messages that are faithful to Scripture, we must plan our preaching. Our planning should go…
April 18, 2021

Plan Your Discipleship Plan

Four minutes into one of my first sermons, I realized I’d made a pretty big mistake. Leading into that sermon, I genuinely believed words just came to the person speaking…
April 18, 2021

Leading to an Evangelistic Culture

As pastors, we know the numerous scriptural commands concerning evangelism. We have heard sermons, sat in classes, and attended numerous conferences that have implored and trained us to be evangelistic…
April 18, 2021

A Deconstructionist Look at Community Outreach

Early on in my ministry, I knew I desired to reach the community in whatever church I served. This desire has looked different in different settings; nonetheless, the desire is…
February 25, 2021

Relationships with Other Pastors

As pastors, one of our primary roles is helping our people establish relationships with each other that leads them to ongoing spiritual transformation. Our church members thrive when connected to…

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online worship

Learn how to get started or take the next step in streaming or videoing your church’s services.

networking with other leaders

Through video conferences using Zoom and Facebook Groups, you can connect with others around the state.


Your church has the ability to give online at their fingertips.

helps for pastors

Your church can be equipped and trained through this time of social distancing.

sunday school/small groups

Keep your church in fellowship together online through social media, video/audio calls and other creative ways.


Resources ideas on how to continue to share the gospel online.

family worship

Resources for your families to grow spiritually at home.

regathering the church

Strategy options for coming out of COVID.

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