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Sunday School

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Sunday school/small groups

Discipleship/Small Groups -- Regathering Part II: Leadership Toolkit

It is imperative that the discipleship and small group ministries of the church function with intentionality through every season. This tool aims to help pastors and church leaders think through ways to navigate this season of ministry with an eye on the next.

Teaching Point Series

We have a number of video series on several books of the Bible in the New and Old Testaments that teachers can use as a resource to complement their studies.

Shepherd Group Training (Care Group)

Zoom Video Conferencing: Best Practices to Prevent Trolling/ZoomBombing

People who wish to do harm are also sheltering-in-place and have more time on their hands to spread vile language and images. As churches and ministries are ramping up their video conferencing using platforms like Zoom, these meetings are targets of people trolling these meetings and “ZooomBombing” them.

RightNow Media

We are partnering with RightNow Media, an online video library and training resource. With this partnership, all SBTC Pastors and the first 300 ministerial staff members are able to begin a free personal account.

Additionally, RightNow Media is offering free access to a limited library of selected video series coving a wide range of topics for pastors, leaders, small groups, students and kids.

Free Bible Study Videos for Socially Distanced Groups - Group Ministry

LifeWay is making several Bible studies available through their streaming platform, Smallgroup by LifeWay.

Church Assistance | LifeWay

The Church Assistance Package is a collection of offers, promotions, and resources designed to help fuel every ministry area of the church.

LifeWay Bible Study Resources

Many local churches are unable to gather together in person each week for worship and Bible study in this season. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to grow together. That’s why LifeWay is providing free access to current Bible study content from Bible Studies for Life, Explore the Bible, and The Gospel Project to churches, groups, and families during this uncertain season.

LifeWay Students Resources

As you pivot to re-think everything you know about ministry to teenagers right now, LifeWay Students wants to provide you with one place to find trusted resources.

How Online Small Groups Work - Small Group Network

Online groups are a powerful way to provide an expression of biblical community no matter location limitations or schedule conflicts. In the following video course, you’ll learn why online groups are valuable to your church, the strategy of online groups, the details of what happens during a typical video group, and more. Learn how to launch online groups today!

Small Group Worship - SWBTS

The School of Church Music and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has developed some resources for families and small groups to use for house worship.

women's ministry

VIDEO: "Crisis, Conflict and Care"

Women are hurting and in crisis all around us; they don’t know how to get along with others or be helpful. As women in leadership we often are approached with the problems, personal struggles, conflicts, and pain of others. We will explore how to minister comfort, counseling, and conflict resolution when faced with crisis and conflict.

LifeWay Women

LifeWay is offering free online Bible studies with eBooks for $5.

Tea Talk - Small Group Study

Tea Talk in Perfect Proximity is a resource tool designed to help you start a small group in your community. In this resource, we provide the Tea Talk Plan which is your guide to starting a Tea Talk small group in your neighborhood with those in perfect proximity.


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other covid-19 resources

networking with other leaders

Through video conferences using Zoom and Facebook Groups, you can connect with others around the state.


Your church has the ability to give online at their fingertips.

helps for pastors

Tools, resources and encouragement for pastors.


Resources ideas on how to continue to share the gospel online.

online worship

Learn how to get started or take the next step in streaming or videoing your church’s services.

family worship

Resources for your families to grow spiritually at home.

contact staff

Your SBTC staff is here for you! Please reach out to any one of us if you have a need or question in your church.

texan news

Read the latest articles from the Southern Baptist Texan.