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ARTICLE: Pastoral Care Through COVID-19

Coming Out of COVID: Regathering the Church

This resource is meant to guide local church possibilities after local authorities have provided opportunity for varying degrees of in-person worship services

Regathering the Church Part II: Leadership Toolkit

We aim to help pastors and church leaders think through ways to navigate this season of ministry with an eye on the next. It is developed not to generalize answers, but to draw out contextual opportunities. You and your team are the experts in your context. Use this toolkit to think strategically through the opportunities in your ministry context today and tomorrow.

ARTICLE: The Digital Memorial Has Arrived – A Practical Pastoral Guide

Whether from COVID-19 or every day life causes, you can be confident a well-planned digital memorial does the job. Admittedly, this method will not replace the warm embrace of a hug, but you will receive so much more than what you thought possible online and God will be glorified.


Kenneth Priest

A guide on what the church should be doing Now, preparing to do Next, and looking to do Beyond the COVID Crisis.

MinistryGrid: Free Training, Documents and Checklists to Lead Your Church through the Coronavirus

With the spread of coronavirus, LifeWay wants to help churches take the appropriate measures to plan, prepare and protect their people from the pandemic. This free training includes four videos, seven ministry-specific checklists and a sample pandemic policy.

Church Assistance | LifeWay

The Church Assistance Package is a collection of offers, promotions, and resources designed to help fuel every ministry area of the church.

Emotional Intelligence Training | RW360

RW360 is making training available online for free to everyone around the globe with custom material for churches.

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ARTICLE: Work from Home—Without Losing Your Job, Mind, or Soul — Union Baptist Association

Thanks to technology and the fallout of the novel coronavirus (aka COVID-19), many schools, businesses, and meeting places have closed their physical doors and set up camp online. We can only imagine more will do so in the coming days.

VIDEO: Hope in the Midst of Fear

ARTICLE: Battling Depression

Mental & Emotional Health — Regathering Part II: Leadership Toolkit

In a time of social distancing, the potential for unresolved mental and emotional troubles is higher than normal. Our leadership toolkit aims to help you think through ways to navigate this season of ministry with an eye on the next.

Fighting Temptation 

Every man and woman is prone to sexual sin. No one is in this struggle alone. During this time you are most likely more isolated and alone than you have ever been. It’s important to add extra measures to protect you from sin. Your primary weapons in this battle are the scriptures and the Holy Spirit. You need to rest in their promises, truth, and power. God has also given us community and wisdom to help during this battle as well and that’s what this resource is for. Below is a 5 step process to help you fight idleness and the temptation of sexual sin. It will also help you if you find yourself giving in to sin and how to confess and repent before the Lord.

Crave: A 30-Day Journey Toward Freedom

Many People are being destroyed by sexual images and pornography. This is not only an issue in the culture but inside the church as well. One out of every five Christian men and one out of every fifty Christian women say they might be addicted to pornography. We want to help support you as you strive to break the cycle of sin and pursue a life of holiness.

VIDEO SERIES: Saving-Men in a Hyper Sexualized Culture

Men are being destroyed by sexual images and pornography. This is not just an issue in the culture but inside church’s as well. What can churches do to help men or women caught in or looking to stay free from this destructive industry?

VIDEO: A Conversation with Josh Proctor 

Lance Crowell and Josh Proctor discuss the increased risk of falling into temptation during this time of isolation and tools to fight against it.


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