Texas Relief and Texas Rebuild are ministries of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention that connects individuals, college and church groups to ministry opportunities in areas of need throughout Texas, across the US and even internationally.

TXR endeavors to put together individuals and groups seeking to provide help with churches and ministries needing volunteers. Through this cooperation, TXR volunteers provided over 59,000 hours of work in 10 months after the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief response. Through this effort, homes, churches and community buildings were rebuilt all across the Disaster Area.

  • Providing Help: Individuals and groups wanting to serve.
  • Needing Help: Churches and ministries able to host and facilitate volunteers working in their community.
  • Texas Relief and Texas Rebuild Volunteers (TXR)
    • Adults (Age 18+)
    • Fill out online form.
    • Watch short training videos that will be sent to you and/or receive short briefing at the ministry location.

Note: Without exception, minors are not permitted to volunteer on TXR sites. If you need to bring minors, TXR will try to pair you with churches or ministries that do allow minors (usually youth 14+ who are well supervised) and you can make arrangements with them directly. But we are unable to assume any responsibility for the event, injuries or any other negative outcome.