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She Stands Women’s Conference (Forney)

October 8

We’ll provide training and encouragement for women. Breakout sessions will cover a variety of topics to equip and enrich while providing creative ideas to aid women in their lives and ministries.

We have a new Friday evening session!
We are also offering 3 breakout sessions for teens girls!

Early Bird: $30 (through 9/24)
General Admission: $35 (after 9/25)

Vea las sesiones en Español

Tasha Calvert

keynote speaker

After years of owning and managing Assisted Living facilities in the state of Texas, Tasha Calvert left the business world to pursue her passion for writing. She is the author of the fictional series, The Brazos Collection, available on Amazon. She is the author and teacher of several Bible Studies available through the ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church where she currently serves as the Global Director of Women’s Ministry. (Galatians, Strong and Courageous: A Study of Joshua, Imitators & Imposters: study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians).  She speaks, teaches and writes, but enjoys being wife to Robert and “mom” to her four daughters and son-in-law the most.

breakout sessions

Legacy: Life in a Teapot | She Gathers
How do I impact those in my sphere of influence? Teapots are vessels, created for a purpose. We are vessels created by God for a specific purpose and left here on to fulfill that purpose for the glory of God.

ID Check | She Glorifies
Who am I? In a Social-media focused world it’s easy to lose sight of the Biblical Truth about who we really are.  Rooting our identity in Christ to live for His Glory requires an ID-entity check!

 Verse Mapping 101 | She Grows
Do you long to have a more meaningful Bible study experience? Do you ever struggle to understand difficult passages? We can understand Scripture better when we dive in deep! Come learn a great visual way to explore and “map” word definitions and origins, context, and the general framework of Bible verses to enhance your personal Bible study time.

Tough Love | She Glorifies
How to love in marriage when it’s hard.

Table Talk: Reaching the Next Generation| She Gathers
Explore various ways to use your table to touch the next generation with the Gospel and encourage growth.

Ministering to Women in Crisis | She Gives
All of us know women who are hurting, and we have searched for the right words to say, hoping we did the right thing to help our friend. We can know we did the right thing when we point her to Christ and His Word during times of crisis, because God is her hope! During this session, we will look at how to respond to hurting women. We will discover that it is okay to not have all the answers and learn practical ways to help not hurt.

Offenses Must Come | She Grows

No doubt you have lived through experiences or interactions that have left you feeling offended, and chances are that you have been guilty of offending others at some point. We will examine how we can deal biblically with the problem of offense so we can walk in freedom.

A Race to Share the Death Cure | She Goes
“If you know enough of the gospel to get saved, you know enough to lead someone else to Christ.” Learning how to share your faith in natural everyday conversations.

Choices, Choices! | She Grows
Group leaders, how can you choose the “right” Bible study for your group? What things should you look for or avoid? What types of studies exist? How can you discover what fits your teaching style and your group’s learning style and season? We’ll discuss these questions and more to help women grow in the Word.

Spiritual Conditioning from Hosea | She Grows
We all need to be in better spiritual condition to glorify God in our daily life. Learn from the prophet how to identify idols, shed the weight of sin to better walk in humility towards the Lord’s discipline.

Women in Ministry in a Man’s World | She Gathers
Ministry often involves joining a predominantly male leadership team. How do you effectively communicate the female vision of ministry to men in leadership? We will address key concepts in understanding staff fears, credibility and trust issues, gender communication, and cautions as you lead with God’s grace.

Back to the Basics | She Stands
It is so important that we collectively go back to the basics in our personal life and in ministry life in the local church. Come explore a new and exciting ministry model that can help you reset back to what is important and equip others you lead.

The “For Reals” about Anxiety and Fear | She Grows
Anxiety and Fear are for real, having an unhealthy relationship with them is for real an issue.  Learning to respond Biblically to anxiety and fear.

Team Vision and Planning | She Stands
Is your team lacking in vision? Do you need help making plans? A solid team vision lends itself well to making plans for the entire year! Learn how to create a mission statement and set goals, then build actionable plans for your women’s ministry to reflect your vision.

Be Strong in the Lord | She Glorifies
Putting on the armor of God.

5 Distinctives of a Discipling Leader | She Grows
As you are seeking to lead the ministry to women in your church or para-church organization, how do you know which women to choose for leadership?  How do you know what other women need in their lives from the women who lead them? Are you afraid you will choose the wrong person? This session will seek to give you guidance as you pray and recruit leaders of women in your church.  There certainly is no “perfect” woman out there in any of our churches or communities, but you can take some steps.

When Fear and Faith Collide | She Grows
Learning how to stand firm in the Word of God when fear tries to overcome.


Friday Night, October 8th at First Baptist Church, Forney
6:00pm – 6:30pm – Registration & Coffee
6:30pm – 7:30pm – Women’s Ministry Q&A
7:30pm – 8:30pm – Unknown Tour

Saturday, October 9th at First Baptist Church, Forney
8:00am – Registration
8:30am – General Session
9:45am – Break
10:00am – Breakout Sess 1
10:45am – Break
11:00am – Breakout Sess 2
11:45am – Break/Lunch
12:50 – Breakout Sess 3
1:50pm – General Sess 2
2:30pm – End

breakout leaders

Laura Taylor
Joanna Rawlings
Jennifer Garcia
Dawn Stephens
Aimee Shelton
Raychel Shaw
Ali Shaw


Laura Taylor


First Baptist Church, Forney
1003 College Ave.
Forney, 75126