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She Stands Women’s Conference (Houston)

March 6

A regional conference that provides training for women in ministry and leadership teams. We’ll be introducing our brand new women’s ministry model in our breakout sessions that cover a variety of topics to equip and enrich leaders while providing creative ideas to aid women and their ministries.

Early Bird: $30 (through 2/27)
General Admission: $35 (after 2/27)


***As a part of their church protocols, Fallbrook will be following social distancing guidelines. There will be temperature checks at the doors and attendees will be required to wear masks for the entire event.

Ofreceremos traducción en español durante las sesiones generales y habrá enseñanza en español durante el tiempo de los talleres.

We will offer Spanish translation during the general sessions and Spanish teaching during the breakouts.

Para más información contacte a Juani Shelton a 817-552-2500


8-8:30 am | Check in and Registration
8:30am | General Session
9:45 am | Break
10:00 am | Breakout Session 1
10:45 am | Break
11:00 am | Breakout Session 2
11:45 am| Lunch
12:30 pm | Breakout Session 3
1:30 pm | General Session

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Marian Jordan Ellis

keynote speaker

She is a dynamic speaker that leaves indelible marks on her audience… painful rib cages from laughter, and mind-searing impressions of being so-dead-on to one’s private dilemmas. Marian has the gift of applying sound Biblical truth to the tender wounds of bleeding hearts.  The girl can teach. The girl can relate. And the girl can move a wounded heart to change through an introduction to Jesus Christ, the Lord and Lover of her soul.

Today Marian is the founder of This Redeemed Life. She is an active Bible study teacher, conference speaker and published author. She is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Marian lives in San Antonio with her husband Justin, their three children and one very spoiled dog, London.

breakout sessions

A Reset Back To The Basics | She Stands
It is so important that we collectively go back to the basics in our ministry in the local church. There are basics that should be present in our personal lives and in the ministry to women. A Model for Women’s Ministry has just been written providing basics in which to plan and carry out ministry in your personal life and ministry in church. Come explore this new and exciting ministry model that can help reset back to what is important.

Praying Models and Modeling Prayer | She Glorifies
Prayer is a foundational aspect of our spiritual lives and our women’s ministries.  In this session we will look at several models of prayer and examine the scriptures to develop a framework for prayer that can be used to help women engage in a full range of prayers, both corporately and individually. We’ll discuss ways to model prayer in your women’s ministry in order to train up women who pray without ceasing.

We Were Made to Gather – Mentoring & Discipleship | She Gathers
Women gather together all the time, in various spaces, and for all kinds of reasons; however, when it comes to mentoring and discipleship many women feel inadequate and ill-equipped to bring others alongside them in intentional ways.. In this session we will discuss ways we can encourage women to see themselves as mentors, prepare them to engage in mentoring and discipleship, and share ideas for the myriad ways mentoring and discipleship relationships can be established and cultivated.

Fresh Waters – refreshing others from our resources |She Grows.
We lead others from what we learn and experience: nothing is wasted in God’s economy. Discover the joy and fulfillment of using what you DO have to give for God’s glory and the benefit of others.

Sharing the Gospel | She Goes
In Jesus’ great commandment He told us what to do ‘as we go’. Examine resources and sharpen skills of sharing your story of salvation and God’s blessings.

How to Become a Growing and Reproducing Disciple | She Grows
Let’s take a deep dive into John 15: 1 – 8 as we explore the growing pains of a committed disciple—the losing and letting go, the gaining and lifting up. When we press through the pain, we grow in knowledge of God through deep study of his word which fosters the kind of relationship that yields an, “I know I can produce” kind of spirit. In this relationship, we find unwavering faith and our ministry ultimately finds fruitfulness.

Learning from Ephesians 4 How to Give All for Christ | She Gives
We often learn that we should give our time, talent, and treasure in our service to God’s kingdom, but do we learn to also give our truth? In this session, Kionna examines the lessons learned from Ephesians 4: 28-30 on what it means to give not only one’s time, talent, and treasure but also one’s truth, and how doing so increases our fruitfulness and allows others to grow in authentic relationship with us and with Christ as we pursue His purpose for our lives and the ministry He has entrusted to our care.

A Biblical Woman…What Does She Look Like in 2021? | She Glorifies
In our world today there are so many challenges to biblical womanhood.  What does God say about our purpose in His plan?  Does my purpose change as I go through different phases in my life? What if I am called to be single? Or what if I am a single parent? Does God want me to be happy?

Join us as we discuss these important issues that all of us face as we minister to those around us.

Three Biblical Stories and Three Applications for the Woman of 2021 | She Grows
Join us as we take a look at three different biblical accounts…The Story of Dorcas, The Story of Peter and the Story of the Stormy Sea.  These biblical accounts, when studied, have a deep message for women today.  Join us as we discover help for encouraging women to serve, helping women let go of guilt, and being, once again, gripped by the greatness of our God.

A Journey Through Grief | She Gives
Lisa shares her journey through grief and how God used others to minister to her. Come hear how in using your gifts and journey you can help others. Learn some keys to help from scripture in Proverbs 11:25; Psalm 56:8; 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 and Philippians 4:7.

Cultivar relaciones de mentoría y discipulado | Ella Se Reúne
Las mujeres se reúnen en todo tiempo para toda ocasión, sin embargo, no se sienten preparadas para la mentoría y para discipular a otras mujeres. En esta sesión discutiremos maneras en que podemos animar a otras mujeres a considerarse como mentoras, instruirlas para participar en la mentoría y discipulado, y compartir ideas para establecer y cultivar relaciones de mentoría y discipulado.


Desarrollar la disciplina espiritual de la oración personal y corporativa | Ella Glorifica
La oración es un aspecto fundamental en la vida espiritual de la mujer.  En esta sesión veremos diferentes modelos de oración basados en las Escrituras que pueden ayudar en el desarrollo de la disciplina espiritual de la oración personal y corporal.  Discutiremos maneras en las cuales podemos modelar la oración en el ministerio de mujeres para poder orar sin cesar.

Transformación por medio de la Palabra | Ella Crece
Pasar tiempo en la Palabra de Dios cada día nos da vida y transformación.  Guiamos a otros por lo que aprendemos y experimentamos: nada se desperdicia en la economía de Dios. Descubre la alegría y la satisfacción de usar los dones que el Señor te ha dado para glorificarle y bendecir a los demás.


breakout leaders

Laura Taylor
Laura Hammons
Anita Wood
Peggy Osborne
Kionna LeMalle
Lisa Perrott
Irma Ramos
Monica LeDezma


March 6
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