Leadership Enlistment in the Local Church
Leadership Enlistment in the Local Church (05:16)
Dillard Willbanks discusses the challenges of enlisting volunteers and leadership in churches.   more
Finance Committees
Finance Committees (32:28)
Vern Hargrave discusses finance committees and common problems that occur within them.  more
Financial Advice: Borrowing Wisely
Financial Advice: Borrowing Wisely (7:31)
In this session Kevin Winters helps churches work their understanding on how they need to borrow. more
Build or Remodel?
Build or Remodel? (8:23)
In this session Bryce Greene talks about what it takes to navigate when a church needs to build something new or to remodel their existing space. more
Maximize Reserve Funds
Maximize Reserve Funds (3:38)
In this sessions Kevin Winters talks about how to maximize reserve funds. more
Budget Planning
Budget Planning (34:22)
Effective Budget Planning for every church is pivitoal and often something that is not focused on enough. In this session Dr. Gary Waller will look at some of the key tools and principles needed to develop an effective church budget. more
Church Staffing for the New Economic Reality
Church Staffing for the New Economic Reality (10:37)
The world has changed and the economic landscape in the world is quite different than it was a few years ago. How do you think about staffing in this culture? In this session Kenneth Priest, Director of Convention Strategies at the SBTC,... more
Tax Seminar Part 1
Tax Seminar Part 1 (2:00:23)
SBTC Tax Seminar Part 1 with Vern Hargrave. more
Tax Seminar Part 2
Tax Seminar Part 2 (1:20:08)
SBTC Tax Seminar Part 2 with Vern Hargrave. more
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