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Church Revitalization Labs

Church Revitalization Labs

This orientation is for pastors seeking to lead their church in a turnaround. Time will be spent on the SBTC methods for revitalizing a local church. At the end of the seminar, the pastor will be prepared to go back to his church and launch a spiritual renewal process for the purposes of revitalizing the church.

Practical Guidance in Revitalization
Practical Guidance in Revitalization (47:34)
Kenneth Priest goes into the revitalization process and touches on how to guide a church through the process. more
Preaching for Revitalization: Part 2
Preaching for Revitalization: Part 2 (38:48)
Steven Smith continues with his discussion on pastoring a church undergoing revitalization. more
Preaching for Revitalization: Part 1
Preaching for Revitalization: Part 1 (54:55)
Steven Smith goes into how to preach most effectively while undergoing the revitalization process. more
Discipleship for Revitalization
Discipleship for Revitalization (42:19)
Lance Crowell shows what discipleship looks like for churches undergoing revitalization. more
Introduction to Revitalization: Acts 1& 2
Introduction to Revitalization: Acts 1& 2 (38:24)
It is important to understand why the church exists, why we need to revitalize the church and what our role is.  Through a biblical rational of Acts 1 & 2, Kenneth Priest begins the conversation on revitalization. more
Preparing the Revitalizer
Preparing the Revitalizer (49:44)
God depends on the leader of the church to lead as an undershepherd into the life of a renewal. As people see what is happening in the life of the pastor, they will see that and follow. Terry Rials discusses the importance of preparation f... more
Revitalization Life Cycles
Revitalization Life Cycles (50:46)
Everything has a life cycle, even a church. Tracy Jaggers discusses some different examples of life cycles and addresses a church life cycle in the context of revitalization. more
Revitalization: Where do we go from here?
Revitalization: Where do we go from here? (35:23)
Kenneth Priest discusses how the SBTC helps pastors launch revitalization. more
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