Collegiate Ministry

Collegiate Ministry

Our mission is to assist the local church in making multiplying disciples on college campuses in Texas.

Texas Roundup 2018 | Groundwar
Texas Roundup 2018 | Groundwar (10:10)
Summary: As leaders we want everything we do to lead students into Gods mission. However, there are moments in ministry that does not occur. Scott Kindig gives valuable wisdom on how to unleash students into Gods mission for the world.&nbs... more
Texas Roundup 2018 | Blacksmith
Texas Roundup 2018 | Blacksmith (9:15)
Summary: As we reach students we must be master craftsmen at making disciples that make disciples. Scott Kindig believes that in order to make disciples we must use relatable tools that explains the truth of Jesus in a way that they can ap... more
Texas Roundup 2018 | Catalyzing Movement
Texas Roundup 2018 | Catalyzing Movement (11:02)
Summary: Bryn Frye explains that it is crucial to give graduating seniors a vision and a purpose post college. Key Points:1. When you are able to equip and send seniors to a specific location and purpose it gives then motivation to pu... more
Texas Roundup 2018 | Collegiate Church Planting
Texas Roundup 2018 | Collegiate Church Planting (9:36)
Summary: Bryan Frye explains the leadership pipeline on how it aids collegiate church planting. This strategic tool takes an incoming freshman to a church planter by the time they graduate. Key Points:1. Historically, God uses college... more
Texas Roundup 2018 | Launchpad
Texas Roundup 2018 | Launchpad (10:05)
Summary: It is necessary to have a firm foundation to begin to reach the campus for Christ. Drew explains the key components to build a healthy foundation to launch your ministry. Key Points:1. As simple as it may seem in order to lau... more
Texas Roundup 2018 | Missional Communities
Texas Roundup 2018 | Missional Communities (10:42)
Summary: Missional Communities are a group of people that function as a family that have a missional focus. Drew explains that in order to reach our cities, we have to infiltrate the specific areas that God has entrusted to us, with the go... more
Why Should the Church Engage the Campus?
Why Should the Church Engage the Campus? (7:37)
Brian Frye hits on what it looks like for the church to engage the college campus and key points to reaching the campus. This is a strategic mission field that has such a vital role in the ministry of the church. Key Points: 1. If st... more
The What & Why of Missional Community
The What & Why of Missional Community (9:54)
A missional community is a group of Christians, on mission together, empowered by the Holy Spirit who are seeking to tangibly demonstrate what the Gospel look like, and to creatively declare what the Gospel looks like. Missional commun... more
Why Collegiate Church Planting?
Why Collegiate Church Planting? (5.48)
Brian Frye  looks at what Collegiate church planting is and how it is made to multiply and grow college students to be church planters in the future. Key Points: 1. Collegiate church planting targets college students where about ... more
Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (9:07)
Key Points: 1. Be a family on mission – love each other, be there for each other. 2. Fervency and fun – you care for and can have fun with your ministry team. 3. Failure happens, but there is a great reward for risk-taking. ... more
Missional Metrics
Missional Metrics (9:15)
College students have significant potential and impact for their campuses. Keith gives insight into what steps it takes to gain a perspective on a tangible win, cultivate a behavior, and what leads to the ultimate vision. Key Points: ... more
Resting Well
Resting Well (11:07)
Rest is determined by your need for time with God. Scott explains what it looks like to rest in God and explains vital examples from the Bible to rest. Key Points: 1. Start the day with rest by sleeping. It is an echo of Adam and Eve... more
False Barriers
False Barriers (6:41)
There are a lot of thought barriers that people have when it comes to what students are able to do to reach their campus. Through a registered student organization, Resonate Church is able to reach the campus and reach multiple buildin... more
What is Multiplication?
What is Multiplication? (8:53)
Multiplication is more than a 2 times 2 equation. As disciples make disciple makers, growth is seen as they all are on mission together. Scott Kindig hits on the importance of discipleship and how to slow down to see multiplication in... more
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