Foundation | Jordan Missionary BC
Foundation | Jordan Missionary BC (3:56)
This is a short story about the Foundation's partnership with Jordan Missionary Baptist Church and how the Lord used the Foundation to help them get back on their feet. more
Creating A Stewardship Culture in Your Church
Creating A Stewardship Culture in Your Church (50:28)
John Morgan, Pastor of Sagemont Baptist Church, Houston, talks about creating a stewardship culture in your church. more
Foundation | Teaching Children Generosity
Foundation | Teaching Children Generosity (24:00)
Learn some strategies to teach your children about generosity towards others and towards the Kingdom. more
Foundation | Retirement
Foundation | Retirement (28:01)
Learn important items to consider in effective estate planning for your family and ministry. more
Foundation | Exiting a Business
Foundation | Exiting a Business (32:39)
Learn various solutions for exiting a business, minimizing taxes, receiving retirement income and impacting the Kingdom. more
Foundation | Providing and Protecting Family
Foundation | Providing and Protecting Family (37:57)
Learn how to provide for your family and to protect them through proper estate planning. more
Estate Planning
Estate Planning (50:00)
How to Connect With High Capacity Givers
How to Connect With High Capacity Givers (9:14)
Jim Baker reflects on encounters with high capacity givers he has had over the years, and what he has learned from those encounters. more
Foundation | Making a Will
Foundation | Making a Will (24:34)
Learn the basics of a Will and the importance of being a good steward of one’s estate. more
Budget Planning
Budget Planning (34:22)
Effective Budget Planning for every church is pivitoal and often something that is not focused on enough. In this session Dr. Gary Waller will look at some of the key tools and principles needed to develop an effective church budget. more
5 Star Stewardship
5 Star Stewardship (31:53)
Johnathan Gray, Executive Director of SBT Foundation, discusses the SBT Foundation 5 Star Stewardship initiative more
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