2017 Webinars

2017 Webinars
Released Monthly

Ministry Webinars are monthly training opportunities for ministers, pastors, and church leaders. Each session is led by a leader in a specific field of ministry. The subjects change each month providing a vast array of training for leaders throughout your church. Monthly webinars released at on the day they are scheduled.

2017 Webinar Schedule

January 26 – Family Ministry
February 23 – Evangelism
March 23 – Racial Reconciliation
April 27 – Sunday School
May 25 – Worship
June 22 – Church Revitalization
July 27 – Children's Ministries
August 24 - Women's Ministry
September 28 – Pastor to Pastor
October 26 – Hispanic Ministries
November 16 – Discipleship Online Conference

Racial Reconciliation
Racial Reconciliation (35:16)
What is the role of the local church in racial reconciliation? In this webinar, Shane Pruitt and Caleb Turner look to address questions concerning the church and racial reconciliation.  more
5 Aspects of Evangelism | A study of Acts 17:16-21
5 Aspects of Evangelism | A study of Acts 17:16-21 (32:47)
Intentional evangelism is the key for church revitalization, church planting and reaching your community for Christ. In this webinar, Nathan Lorick and Richard Taylor walk through Acts 17:16-21 and see the strategy that Paul lays out for e... more
Development within Family Ministry
Development within Family Ministry (38:04)
Family Ministry is such an important aspect of the life of a church. Lance Crowell, David Fedele and Tony Richmond discuss issues and needs within family ministry more
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