2017 Webinars

2017 Webinars
Released Monthly

Ministry Webinars are monthly training opportunities for ministers, pastors, and church leaders. Each session is led by a leader in a specific field of ministry. The subjects change each month providing a vast array of training for leaders throughout your church. Monthly webinars released at on the day they are scheduled.

2017 Webinar Schedule

January 26 – Family Ministry
February 23 – Evangelism
March 23 – Racial Reconciliation
April 27 – Sunday School
May 25 – Worship
June 22 – Church Revitalization
July 27 – Children's Ministries
August 24 - Women's Ministry
September 28 – Pastor to Pastor
October 26 – Hispanic
November 16 – Discipleship Online Conference

What is the Purpose of Worship?
What is the Purpose of Worship? (39:57)
What is the purpose of worship? Lance Crowell and Lance Beaumont discuss the act of worship in the church in the May edition of 2017 webinars. more
Sunday School: Life Group Approach
Sunday School: Life Group Approach (18:10)
Lake Pointe Church uses life groups and growth groups to reach the unchurched and make disciples. In this webinar, Steve Stroope, the pastor of Lake Pointe, and Carter Shotwell, the executive pastor, discuss how God has used their life gro... more
Racial Reconciliation
Racial Reconciliation (35:16)
What is the role of the local church in racial reconciliation? In this webinar, Shane Pruitt and Caleb Turner look to address questions concerning the church and racial reconciliation.  more
5 Aspects of Evangelism | A study of Acts 17:16-21
5 Aspects of Evangelism | A study of Acts 17:16-21 (32:47)
Intentional evangelism is the key for church revitalization, church planting and reaching your community for Christ. In this webinar, Nathan Lorick and Richard Taylor walk through Acts 17:16-21 and see the strategy that Paul lays out for e... more
Development within Family Ministry
Development within Family Ministry (38:04)
Family Ministry is such an important aspect of the life of a church. Lance Crowell, David Fedele and Tony Richmond discuss issues and needs within family ministry more
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