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deacon training request

It is our honor, in the SBTC Church Health & Leadership department, to provide helpful materials and resources for pastors and church leadership. In an effort to better serve our churches, we would like to provide their deacons with the opportunity to be trained by a staff member from the Church Health & Leadership department. If your church would like to schedule a training, please fill out the form below, and someone will contact you shortly.

other resources

LifeWay's Deacon Magazine

Deacon Magazine enables deacons to learn more about their ministry role in the church and community. Deacon magazine assists them in carrying out their deacon ministry responsibilities, from visitation to dealing with church conflicts. Each quarterly issue connects real-life current conditions in church leadership with biblical truths written by key leaders. Devotionals and training plans for monthly deacons meetings are included in each issue.


Deacon Wives

This warmhearted, conversational new book from “Fresh Ideas” syndicated columnist Diana Davis shares stories and insights for deacon wives whether just inaugurated or long experienced. The reader will enjoy tips on how to best encourage her husband’s work, the ministry of the pastor and his wife, and other church staff and members. There are also helpful home and family suggestions, self-evaluation forms and checklists, and even a detailed teaching plan to share this wealth of material with other women in the church


if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!