Texas has over 450 colleges and universities with nearly two million students. That’s alot! These students are leaders of today and tomorrow. They are both moldable and malleable. What is impressed upon them today sets the trajectory of the rest of their days.


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SBTC Collegiate exists to serve over 2,700 affiliated Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Churches. College students make up a small percentage of the population in Texas but we believe that small percentage can make the biggest impact. The college campus is the most strategic mission field in the world. If we can reach Texas college campuses, then we can reach Texas and impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is our mission:

We are a family of churches making multiplying disciples on the college campuses in Texas.

If a movement is going to happen on college campuses that will last we must make disciples who know it is their goal to multiply. This is what we champion and point our resources towards. We believe in what you’re doing, and we want to help.






  • Mitch Tidwell

    Lead Associate of Students & Collegiate

    Mitch Tidwell serves as the Lead Associate of Students and Collegiate. Mitch has been married to his bride Olivia Tidwell since 2017. In February of 2020 their son, William, was introduced to the world.

    Mitch has worked for the SBTC since 2011 serving in collegiate mobilization, disciple-making and now leading the student and collegiate team. He believes that the most strategic generation is the next generation.

    Mitch received an undergraduate degree in business from Liberty University and his graduate degree in theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Wesley Eaton

    Student & Collegiate Ministry Assistant

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