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ethics & religious liberty

Southern Baptist churches speak for themselves but where they have corporately spoken on timely issues, we represent that voice. Our churches have agreed on:


The Baptist Faith & Message refers to several timely issues according to our best understanding of biblical truth.


Our convention’s messengers each year express opinions on the issues of the day. These are not binding on the convention or its ministries but instructive on the consensus of our churches.


Much of what the Bible says is very clear on matters of morality, human relationships and even the place of government in the lives of citizens.

priority issues

Religious Liberty

We call on our state and local governments to embrace 1) religious liberty as a basic and essential human right; and 2) the exercise of our deeply held religious beliefs and God-given conscience, which we believe is an indispensable human right discerned from Scripture and an essential component of a free society as affirmed by the founders of our nation.

Sanctity of Life

All human life, born and unborn, deserves equal dignity and rights, and those who are old, those who are ill, those who are disabled, mentally and physically impaired deserve full protection and honor as human beings.


We declare our opposition to gambling, specifically to the expansion of gambling in Texas. We call upon our elected officials to reject any state budget that relies on monies from gambling to fund legitimate state responsibilities.

Gender Identity

We affirm that gender is determined by God alone and is not influenced by man or open for selection or alteration.

The Family, Education of Children and Parental Rights

We call upon the Legislature to protect parental rights in the upbringing of children and to reject any and all attempts that threaten these freedoms – especially in the areas of religious beliefs, education, medical and/or psychological evaluations and procedures.

Orphan Care

We will continue to advocate for the care of foster children and the adoption of orphaned children as a command given by God (James 1:27). In order to protect vulnerable and orphaned children, we encourage policies that assist and incentivize the adoption of orphaned children and encourage more faith- based programs for children in foster care.

Sex Trafficking

Regarding the brutal sex-trafficking industry, which is modern-day slavery, it is imperative that we increase awareness of 1) the recruiting methods of criminals; and 2) the best policies for crime prevention, protection of vulnerable children and the prosecution of the perpetrators.

Economic Freedom

We call upon the 87th Texas Legislature to consider as essential the freedom to work and earn an income free from oppressive regulations, high tax rates, and lockdowns. Because consumer debt and financial difficulties have risen significantly in 2020, we can expect the harsh realities of financial hardship, joblessness, and indebtedness to lead to the downfall of many marriages and families. We beseech you to make the preservation of the family unit a top priority as you lead public policy efforts.