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July 27, 2017

Running the race of pastoral ministry is often lonely, but when there are people running along-side you, you are able to walk in a strong confidence of the Lord.
The purpose the FORGE Connection luncheons is to give you the opportunity to come along side other Biblically Based, Kingdom Focused, and Missionally Driven pastors. We want you to be encouraged, fuel friendships, relate and collaborate with other young pastors in Texas. 
Join us Thursday from 11am - 1:00pm on July 27th at First Baptist Church, Odessa with lunch guest speaker, Dr. Kie Bowman.
For more information and to register for a lunch in your area visit www.sbtexas.com/forge

August 4, 2017 - August 5, 2017

Tema: Rendidos a Cristo

Y decía a todos: Si alguno quiere venir en pos de mí, niéguese a sí mismo, tome su cruz cada día, y sígame.  Porque todo el que quiera salvar su vida, la perderá; y todo el que pierda su vida por causa de mí, éste la salvará. Lucas 9:23-24


Viernes, 4 de agosto
Cena para pastores, líderes y esposas
Sábado, 5 de agosto
Conferencia y talleres para pastores, líderes y miembros de las iglesias
Cuidado de niños y programa de jóvenes disponible el sábado.
Texan News

Multi-ethnic church grows out of engagement with international college students
July 26, 2017
ARLINGTON Typically, church goers walk into their churches’ front doors on a Sunday morning and see only one or two different ethnic groups within the congregation. As for the members [...]
SBC 2018 annual meeting in Dallas doubles as missions opportunity
July 24, 2017
DALLAS—As Dallas hosts next year’s annual meeting of Southern Baptists, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is extending an invitation for churches to bring mission teams as we [...]
Bible Drill yields spiritual benefits for children, parents
July 20, 2017
HOUSTON—Blood flowed after a car door smashed into the head of a fourth grade boy whose mother panicked until the youngster spoke up, quoting Psalm 56:3, a verse he had learned at Bible Dr [...]
Lorick elected executive director of Colorado Baptist convention
July 18, 2017
WHEAT RIDGE, Colo.—Southern Baptists of Texas Convention evangelism director Nathan Lorick was elected executive director of the Colorado Baptist General Convention (CBGC) during a special [...]
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