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Churches are finding ways to use pickleball’s growing popularity to share the gospel, build community

April 8, 2024

God uses ‘setback’ to open door for much-needed Hispanic church plant in Corpus Christi

April 3, 2024

Historic East Texas church is experiencing growth through evangelism, community connections

April 1, 2024

San Antonio church discovers the tools, training needed to reach next generation of believers

March 26, 2024

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25 years ago, the population in Texas was over 19 million. Today, there are over 30 million Texans and lostness is growing. How do we reverse the growing rate of lostness in Texas? Just as we have the past 25 years: Together. We are refocusing on the massive challenge we face. In 10 years, we envision all SBTC churches mobilized to multiply disciple-making movements.