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No church should have to move alone. Churches affiliate with the SBTC to multiply their impact. The Cooperative Program (CP) is our primary giving model that advances mission in Texas and around the world by partnering with the Southern Baptist Convention. CP ensures that our affiliated churches have the benefit of resources, networks, and opportunities to advance the mission.

Each local Baptist church is self-governing and has the freedom to affiliate with an association or convention as they wish. Most churches that affiliate with SBTC do so uniquely, meaning they have no other convention relationship. Others “dually” affiliate with two or more state fellowships at once. Again, each church will make the decision they think is best suited for their ministry.

Next Steps to Affiliate with the SBTC

  1. Fill out an affiliation form and send by mail to the SBTC, PO Box 1988, Grapevine, TX 76099-1988, Attn: Cooperative Ministries. Available in English and Spanish
  2. Give an initial Cooperative Program gift.

Once the SBTC receives your church's forms:

  1. Information meetings will be scheduled by SBTC staff. Information meetings are suggested for all churches and required for non-SBC churches and church plants.
  2. Requirements for affiliation are verified by SBTC staff and Credentials committee.
  3. Recommendations of qualified churches are made by the Credentials committee to be voted upon by the Executive Board or the messengers at the annual session of the convention. Upon an affirmative majority vote, churches become affiliated and begin moving forward together with other affiliated churches of the convention.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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