Reaching Texas

  • By starting new churches—From the beginning, the SBTC made missions and evangelism the priority in every aspect of our work. Churches in the SBTC have started hundreds of congregations since the convention began. Of those, over 300 were funded with SBTC missions money. Together we can do what no church can do alone.
  • By strengthening church ministries—The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention supports the work of its churches by providing over 100 ministry services.
  • By joining with ministry partners to provide resources for local churches—Educational institutions, family ministries, and other crucial services provide important ministry resources for SBTC churches. Partnership with these affiliated and fraternally related ministries means we do not have to own or build institutions.

Impacting the World

  • By joining with the Southern Baptist Convention—Ministries supported by over 40,000 Southern Baptist churches across the U.S. are also SBTC ministry partners. Together we support over 13,000 men and women in seminary training. Our mission boards support more than 10,000 missionaries across the globe. Our partnership with the Southern Baptist Convention allows us to share in a ministry that touches the world.
  • By working with SBC partners to strengthen churches—Resources and expertise are available from SBC agencies providing trainings and support for churches committed to Great Commission ministry.
  • By highlighting the priority of worldwide missions—The SBTC sends more through the SBC for worldwide missions than it keeps for in-state missions.
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