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Executive Board Meeting (SBTC)

April 23rd, 2019 12:00AM

Role of the Pastor (SBTC)

April 25th, 2019 12:00AM

Church Revitalization Retreat (SBTC)

April 25th — 26th, 2019 12:00AM

DR Advanced Chainsaw & Rigging

April 26th — 27th, 2019 07:30AM to 12:00AM

2019 Bible Drill/Speakers' Tournament State Finals

April 27th, 2019 08:30AM to 03:30PM

Bible Drill is a Southern Baptist Convention program involving older children, youth, and high school students in systematic memorization and  location of certain Scriptures. 

The Speakers' Tournament  provides opportunities for high school students to write and deliver a 4-6-minute biblical speech on provided topics.


Church Planter Basic Training (Austin)

April 29th — 30th, 2019 08:30AM to 12:00PM

Basic Training 1 for Church Planters helps the Church Planting Team develop a solid step-by-step plan for starting a new church that starts churches. The training fits into a day and a half workshop with pre-workshop preparation.

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Basic Training 2 is for the planter that has completed Basic Training 1. There are 8 systems that exist in every model of church, from simple to conventional. The health of each of these systems is vital for the life and ministry of the church and its effectiveness within the Kingdom of God. This training will 1) assist the church in analyzing its systems for health and developing a pathway for improvement, and 2) give the church a yearly tool to be used as a metric by church leadership to analyze their ministry fields and be proactive in regard to the spiritual health of those they lead.

Existen 8 sistemas en cualquier modelo de iglesia, desde simple a convencional. La Salud de cada sistema es vital para la vida y ministerio de la iglesia y su efectividad dentro del Reino de Dios. Este entrenamiento 1)guiaráa la iglesia para analizar laefectividad de sus sistemas y desarrollar vías para el mejoramiento de cada uno, y 2)dará a la iglesia una herramienta que el liderazgo podrá usar para medir o analizar sus respectivas áreas de ministerio y ser proactivos en cuanto al salud espiritual de la congregación.


National Day of Prayer

May 2nd, 2019 12:00AM

Reach the Rio Grande Valley visiion tour

May 2nd — 4th, 2019 12:00AM

Today's Interim Pastor Training (El Paso)

May 3rd, 2019 09:00AM to 04:00PM

When a church becomes pastorless, a time of transition begins. The average time without a pastor in a Baptist church is nine to eighteen months. During that time, many of these churches need interim pastors with experience, training and ministry gifts that ensure high-quality leadership.

Some of the skills an interim pastor needs are: spiritual discernment, leadership, pastoral care, proclamation, relationships and conflict management. Interim pastors must also commit to remaining with a church until it calls a permanent pastor. Through the Today's Interim Pastor Training, interim pastors are prepared to lead churches through any type of transition.


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2019 Administrative Assistants' Retreat (San Marcos)

May 6th — 8th, 2019 04:00PM to 12:00PM

We are excited to host church and denominational assistants from all over Texas again! Join us for the opportunity to network with others in your field, gain practical training and enjoy great relaxing time. We've heard your feedback and our retreat will feature sessions on spiritual renewal & balancing life with ministry, as well as a revisit on conflict resolution and social media by popular demand. 

We know you will leave refreshed and affirmed in the truth of God's word!


Pastors Masters Golf Tournament (Tour 18)

May 6th — 7th, 2019 06:30PM to 03:30PM

Israel Trip

No destination on earth provides the biblical learning, spiritual encouragement and historical significance of the Holy Land. Walk in the paths of the patriarchs, travel the dusty roads of the disciples and take awe in the footsteps of Jesus.

Join us May 9-18, 2019 for the SBTC Bible Study Tour of Israel. Bible studies will be co-led by Dr. Jim Richards, Executive Director, and Dr. Tony Wolfe, Director of Pastor/Church Relations. For more information visit


NextGen WebEx

May 9th, 2019 01:00PM to 02:00PM

The Texas NextGen Leadership Network is for any pastor 40 years old and younger. NextGen is an opportunity to network with other young pastors and leaders around the state and to be developed personally as a leader. Throughout the year, there will be five 60-minute video conference calls with a leading ministry specialist to discuss a core competency of pastoring. The special guests will both teach and field questions in order to maximize interaction. All calls are scheduled on Thursdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.


TX Roundup

May 16th — 17th, 2019

Texas Roundup is a free two day event that equips and champions collegiate multipliers. The college campus is the most strategic mission field in Texas and we want to take two days to collaborate, learn, build tribe, and be sent out into this important mission field.

This event is designed for a pastors, college pastors, and their leaders. Please don't come alone. Bring your leaders so you don't have to recast vision to your leaders when you return home.

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