Resources, strategies, and training to assist churches in creatively expressing worship, in developing future worship leaders and musicians, and for using technologies to enhance the worship environment.

Chilren's Music Leadership

Children's Music Leadership is for everyone who works with the music ministry or children's choirs in the local church and community. This includes training and events.

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Innovate Praise

Innovate Praise provides hands-on training and systems exploration addressing a wide range of innovative and cutting edge tools and technologies for worship leaders, lighting techs, sound tech operators, music ministry staff, worship planning assistants and drama team leader.

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Baptist All-State Worship Choir 

July 6 - 12
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth

During this week of camp, students will have the opportunity to grow musically and spiritually. Students will spend four days in residency at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, participating in choir rehearsals, music lessons and learning about worship.

At the conclusion of the residency, the All-State Worship Choir will participate in a three-day tour of Texas, providing ministry through music.

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Lead Camp

Lead Camp is geared for high school and college students who are  becoming active in a church as a ministry leader. It involves the  development of experiential skills for the purpose of strengthening the  local church. It is a tremendous boost for students considering  attending a Christian college. It is not just for students who feel  “called” into vocational ministry, but is for all students who exhibit  the desire or ability to be a leader. Students will return  home with new music, new songs, new skits, and Bible studies, ministry  tools and fellowship ideas to be used in their church and youth  ministry. They will be better equipped to serve the Lord and use all of  the talents He has given for strengthening the church, reaching others  and honoring Him.

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Music Leadership

We want to connect you with others of like-mind. We offer training opportunties for students and seasoned muscians.

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Technical Multimedia

Your worship experiences should not be interrupted by faulty equipment or an inability to properly use the equipment. We can help ensure the best possible worship experience by evaluating your current systems. Improper settings or poor connections can sometimes be corrected to eliminate problems without purchasing new equipment.We want to help you!

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