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Make a Financial Donation

Donate online to our general disaster relief fund.  Every cent will go to the most crucial immediate needs!

Funds given to disaster relief will be used for general disaster relief purposes rather than for a specific disaster. This allows the use of donated funds for the most pressing current or future need. If you would like your donation to be designated for a specific disaster, please note that designation on your check and mail to:

Disaster Relief Ministry
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
PO Box 1988
Grapevine, TX 76099




Only trained Disaster Relief Yellow Hats are allowed with our units. CLICK ON THE TRAINING SCHEDULE LINK BELOW FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING VOLUNTEER TRAINING.  Trainings will be set up in areas outside of DFW, as needed. Please contact Scottie Stice if you have a group of 15 or more to set up a training time.


To volunteer to be trained as an SBTC Disaster Relief Volunteer, you must:

  • (1)  Be an active member of a Southern Baptist church.
  • (2)  Have a letter of recommendation from the Pastor on church letterhead for the individual(s) from that church.
  • (3)  Be at least 18 years old.
  • (4)  Be in good health.
  • (5)  Have a servant heart.



Provide Shelter for Refugees

If your Church is interested in offering their facility as a shelter, please contact Scottie Stice.


Ways to Pray for Us

  • The SBTC DR Staff.
  • The SBTC Task Force Leaders, supporting and cordinating DR volunteers state wide.
  • The SBTC Volunteers.
  • An increase in interest and volunteer numbers.
  • The re-organization and growth and expansion of the Texas DR ministry.


Testimonies and Thanks

Deployment to McAllister Oklahoma, January 2007

I had the privilege of working closely with the chain saw unit from Longview Texas. I found this to be one of the most spiritual groups I have worked with. They came from a diversity of regular life jobs from college professor to retirees. Our first day, we traveled to McAllister Oklahoma, we then transferred to Grove and the next day went to a rural area including Jay, Kansas and Cherokee Oklahoma. This group cheerfully got out in the cold and wet weather to help people.

During the week we had several conversions. We had a lady that put on her application that she was an atheist. When we ask her why she was an atheist, she said that God had never done anything for her. After we had removed some trees from her house she stated that she could no longer say that God had not done anything for her and I feel she will reach out to one of the local churches. We did work for a local couple that had no church home and had not been baptized. They agreed to meet with a local preacher and I feel like they will be brought into a church home. We also had a number of people who had been members of churches that had quit attending that were brought back to local churches.

We had prayer devotions in the morning and evening and tried to share those times with the linemen that were stationed in the area. It was obvious that some of the linemen were affected by our presence with them at meals.

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay at New Hope ranch, a Christian camp. While we were there we worked closely with Joe Wilkerson from Calvary Baptist church. Joe’s church experienced a revival with over half of his people getting involved in our disaster effort. I branched out from working with my chain saw group to ministering to the people on the Salvation Army feeding lines and I had four prayers of profession and prayed with numerous people that were already members of churches. I also worked with some of the other churches in the area like 1st Baptist church of Colcord; the pastor of that church was John Key, a young man struggling to revive an older established church. We were able to bring at least one individual back onto his congregation. To summarize my praises are for the chain saw group I worked with, a wonderful group of people with God in their heart. They were very inspiring to me. I’m looking forward to my next deployment.

Thanks Ron Green  

Praise from McAllister Oklahoma Deployment 2007

Wooded Crosses

This is why we do what we do! While doing Clean up in McAllister Oklahoma we met Jackie Johnson (3rd from the left) he trusted Christ! Charles Grasty

Oklahoma Thank you Letter

  Oklahoma thank you letter

Copperas Cove Flooding

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