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Do you want to join our staff?

SBTC Students is looking for college students to make up the M3 Camp staff for summer 2018! We need some Godly, committed, high energy students who love Jesus to minister to around thousands of students who will come from all over Texas.


You will get an incredible ministry opportunity to minister to around thousands of students, 7th-12th grade, for the whole week of camp. You will provide the life and energy to the camp. We will disciple you and develop you for future leadership and ministry opportunities. We will pay you a stipend plus cover all of your meals, lodging, and travel. You will get connected to churches and leaders from all over the state of Texas. You will get to hear some of the best bands and speakers from around the nation.

What will be my role?

You will make up the M3 camp staff, welcome the students and churches as they arrive to camp, help with registration, run the recreation rallies and recreation time, minister to students during decision times at nightly worship, help with nightly activities, and security after students go to bed. You will also minister to student pastors and leaders by providing information and direction during camp.

What is the time commitment?

We will leave July 17th from the SBTC office and return on July 25th. We arrive at Camp a few days early to set up and spiritually prepare for the week ahead. We will provide training and spiritual refreshment for you before camp. You will need to be willing to work hard, stay up late, and get up early.

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