Missions Mobilization


  • Reach Houston - Church Planting and Revitalization.  More information.
  • Laredo - Evangelism and chuch planting. Ongoing vision trip and missions opportunities. Contact Tom Lawton at tom@laredomissions.com or 956.286.6273.
  • El Paso - Evangelism and church planting. Spring break, summer missions opportunities, and ongoing vision trips. Contact Chuy Avila or by phone at 817.832.8875.
  • Rio Grande Valley - Evangelism and church planting. Contact David Ortega or by phone at 956.874.3438.
  • People Groups (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus) - Evangelism and church planting. Contact Devendra Acharya or by phone at 817.552.2500.

North America

  • SEND Montreal ~ Evangelism and church planting; 2015 vision tours are scheduled for May 12-13, September 7-9, October 26-28, October 26-28. For more information, contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at 817.552.2500.
  • SEND Boston ~ Evangelism and church planting; 2015 vision trips are scheduled for April 28-29, September 22-23; For more information, contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at 817.552.2500. 
  • Utah-Idaho State Convention ~ Evangelism, church planting, leadership training, and other.  For more information, contact Barry Calhoun or  by phone 817.552.2500.


  • India ~ Evangelism, church planting, and pastor training. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at 817.552.2500 for vision trip dates and connection information.
  • Turkey ~ Prayerwalking, relational evangelism, long term church planting. For more info contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at 817.552.2500.
  • Ecuador ~ Evangelism and church planting. Planned 2015 vision trips, August 21-29, November 13-21. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at 817.552.2500. 

Collegiate Mission Trips


If you are interested in a partnership listed above or one that is not listed, please contact Barry Calhoun.

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