• Reach Austin ~ Church planting, church revitalization, evangelism. Vision tours schedule for October 8-10, 2018 and February 4-6, 2019. Contact Steve Cochran or by phone at (512) 230-4356.

  • Reach Houston ~ Church planting, church revitalization, evangelism. Vision tours scheduled for September 17-19, 2018 and January 14-16, 2019. Contact Ben Hays or by phone at (832) 489-3908. 

  • Laredo ~ Evangelism and chuch planting. Ongoing vision trip and missions opportunities. Contact David Alexander or by phone at (817) 552-2500.

  • El Paso ~ Evangelism and church planting. Spring break, summer missions opportunities, and ongoing vision trips. Contact Chuy Avila or by phone at (817) 832-8875.

  • Rio Grande Valley ~ Evangelism and church planting. Contact David Ortega or by phone at (956) 874-3438.

  • Texas Missions Initiatives ~ Church planting among ethnic people groups in DFW. Contact Dan Acharya or by phone at (817) 552-2500.

  • Facility construction projects ~ for help with facility construction projects please fill out our form

  • Texas missions opportunities ~ if you or your church are interested in serving a Texas church with VBS programs, evangelism, block parties, or other ministries, please contact Gayla Harris.

North America

  • SEND Seattle ~ Vision tour scheduled for March 5-7, 2018. For more information, contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at (817) 552-2500.

  • Hawaii ~ Vision tours to be determined. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at (817) 552-2500.

  • Montana~ Church revitalization. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at (817) 552-2500.





  • Indonesia~ Any time in April, May and July 2017 - Seminary training, lay leadership training, prayer walking and business ethics. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at (817) 552-2500. 

  • Cuba ~ Vision tours scheduled for June 4-9 and  September 20-24, 2018; cost is about $900 per person. Adopt a church plant, evangelism and outreach events or seminary training vis SWBTS Extension (one week intensives) Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry. Contact Barry Calhoun or by phone at (817) 552-2500.

  • Ecuador~ Partnership concluded in 2017. To learn more about this partnership, click here.

If you are interested in a partnership listed above or one that is not listed, please contact Barry Calhoun.

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