The SBTC Church Portal is a convenient Web site for churches and associations to access and update information with the SBTC.

  • Update Church Info such as addresses, phone numbers, emails and more.
  • Maintain Staff & Leadership information for church staff and lay leaders.
  • View the past and input new Annual Church Profile (ACP) data.
  • Access Reports & Resources including pre-filled giving forms, ACP trends, online training and more.
  • Associations can view and maintain information for all the churches in their association including church directories, ACP trending and yearly reports, as well as mass mail and email extracts.
  • NEW FEATURE: The Complete ACP Report is available from the ACP or Reports & Resources tabs.  It provides all information on the Church Info and Staff & Leadership tabs for the church and also includes the latest completed ACP data in one report. By clicking on the [Download PDF] button, the report is available to save to your computer or print. These reports are an asset for churches and associations, in keeping an accurate copy of their information.

Log into the SBTC Church Portal now to get started...

For more information on how to navigate the portal, please watch a Church Portal video overview


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — Church Portal

+ What is my user name and password to access the Church Portal?
If you have not logged into the SBTC Church Portal, you will need a username and password. If you have already logged into the Church Portal in the past, then you may have customized your password.  If you have not logged in before, the credentials have been preassigned if you are already in the SBTC system. The default format of both your username and password are shown below:

Username format: Contact’s Last Name + Physical City of Church  (Example: smithhouston)
Password format: Physical City of Church + SBC ID*  (Example: houston12345)
       * The SBC ID should be entered with no leading zero (012345 would be 12345 in the Church Portal).

+ Why did I receive a message that "the user name or password provided is incorrect" when I tried to log in?
First, check to make sure that you are using the correct user name and password. Second, your information may not be in the SBTC's system so please fill out the registration form and we will provide you access. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — Annual Church Profile (ACP)

+We normally receive a large packet with a big form to fill out for the Annual Church Profile. When will we receive that packet this year?
You will not be mailed a large packet or a long form from us. The SBTC will mail a letter with ACP information and a brochure on our Church Portal in mid-August. We will be collecting ACP information online through the Church Portal.

+ How do I update our Leadership information?
Once you are logged into the Church Portal, click on the Staff & Leadership tab. There you are able to create a new position. If you need to add a contact for the first time, please click on complete the leadership additions form, and add up to three new contacts.

+ I still want LifeWay to have our ACP information. Do I have to fill it out in both places?
No. At the end of the reporting period, we send all of our collected Annual Church Profile information to LifeWay. Many other large state conventions follow the same process, and our information will still be reported to the SBC.

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