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missions opportunities

Is your church looking for missions opportunities to support either physically or financially? We have a few churches in Montana that have shared the needs in their church.

If you can help, please contact the church directly.

Baptist Mountain Church, Noxon

Jim Webley

Construction Team: church remodel

Beaverhead River Cowboy Church, Dillon

De Brown

Seeking Passenger Van: The church is willing to purchase within their budget.

Christian Encampment, Joliet

Micah Snodgrass

Rowland Springs Christian Conference and Retreat Center near Joliet, Montana

Construction projects: building projects, remodel, etc. Seeking work crews and support.

Clarks Fork Baptist Church, Bridger

Pastor Craig Lundvall
Clarks Fork Baptist Church
PO BOX 95 Bridger, MT 59014
(406) 425-4685

Construction Teams: Looking for reams to assist in the building of an addition to their church facility.

Expedition Church, Livingston

Darryl Brunson

Teams: Construction/remodeling crews for July-August. Contact Darryl about specific dates still available. They will be working on tiny homes/cabins for a local non-profit that is trying to provide affordable housing for people in low income situations. They will be handling anything that requires a hammer, nail gun, saw, shovel, paint brush, etc. They won’t be doing electrical and plumbing.

Sponsor Churches: Improve facility, interns and planters (They are working to plant another work in Whitehall, Montana).

Immediate Items Needed:
1. Good condition 15 passenger van or small church bus. THey use these for mission teams, but are also exploring the idea and feasibility for doing field trips with students to Yellowstone National Park and other places in our area.
2. Snowblower
3. Utility Trailer
4. Log-splitter
5. Riding lawnmower
5. 4wd truck/suv that can be used for snowplowing parking lot, pulling tool trailers for use within a couple of hours of church facility, and extra reliable transportation for family during winter conditions.

First Baptist Church in Thompson Falls

Reverend Jeff Phillips
406-830-1607 or 406-827-3435
First Baptist Church
P.O. Box 894
Thompson Falls, MT 59873

Seeking sponsor churches to assist with building new facility. Churches can call or email and offer assistance and get additional details.

Libby Baptist Church, Libby

Pastor Zane Officer
105 East Cedar St,
Libby, MT 59923


  1. They are growing our Wednesday night ministry to the local trailer courts to a point where we could use a second 15 passenger van. They are a church with an average Sunday morning attendance of 55 and are picking up 20-24 additional children every Wednesday night. Most of the kids don’t attend church on Sunday mornings. They just baptized the first parent from one of these families and are praying for many more!
  2. Summer missionaries/interns to work with middle/high schoolers.
  3. Short term teams for summer block parties and/or sports camps.

Outdoorsmen Church West Campus, Mussoula

Pastor Peter Zipp
12208 Pulp Mill Rd
Missoula, MT 59808
Would Make Life Better
  1. Portable Evaporative Cooler (Portacool) $3600. Church has no A/C but this would nock the edge off of the heat.
  2. Round Tables – for dining experience at our Wednesday evening services and extra seating as we grow. 12ea ($175ea) Amazon
  3. High Boy tables – for additional seating in the “coffee” area. 6-8ea (Winsome 20522 Obsidian Dining) ($79/ea) Amazon
  4. Furmax 30 Inches Black Metal Bar Stools High Backless Stools Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Stools(Set of 4) $92.99/set 6-8 sets needed. Amazon
  5. Lower and shorten “coffee wall” and take out pony wall to open up bottle neck.
  6. Two more 15 passenger vans for transporting kids and using them for outreach.
Improve the all worship experience:
  1. Shure BLX288/PG58 Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System with 2 PG58 Vocal Microphones, J10 ($549/set of 2) need 2 sets.
  2. Shure Instrument Condenser Microphone w/headset (BLX14R/MX53-J10) $549ea
Improve outside appearance
  1. Elk silhouette for new signage. ¼ plate steel approx.. 6ft x 8ft.
  2. Faux log siding to cover the sheet metal siding. This would give more of a lodge feel on the outside, which is what the feel is on the inside. (Estimate cost unknown at this point.)
  3. Riding lawn mower. (Currently a member comes out and mows the property but we can’t depend on that forever)
Needed to Bring the Property up to Code
  1. One of two options.
    1. Option A: Have plans for a proper septic system drawn up ($30,000) and raise another $34,000 for materials. Labor has been offered for free. They already have $36,000.
    2. Option B: Wait on the city to bring the sewer through and connect to it then. They have no idea when that will be, but based on some of the development going on around them, that may be 5-10 years.

Until this is brought up to code, they cannot proceed with any remodeling or expansion on the building.

Develop our Children’s rooms
  1. They currently have one big room downstairs that we’d like to repurpose. This room also contains the only handicapped bathroom in the whole building. They’d like to separate the one room into tow rooms by creating a hall way that would make the handicapped bathroom accessible to everyone without interrupting the classes. One side of the room is also connected to the nursery and we’d want to remove that wall to make that room bigger. That part would be used for kids ages 3 – 1st grade. The other new room would become our nursery.
They don’t currently know how much this would cost but could get a contractor from our church to come out and give a rough estimate.

Park City Baptist Church (20 minutes from Billings)

John Ramos

CONTACT: Roy Yurt (deacon) for information

Construction Teams: siding replacement & paining

The River, Hamilton

Pastor Allen James

  1. They are currently converting an old church building into a resident housing facility for “at risk women.” This will require funds for both short term renovations and long term viability. We need construction teams, money for materials, resources for every aspect of community living and more. We need churches to help sponsor everything from toilet paper to employee salaries. The ministry is called P31 ministries, named after the Proverbs 31 vision for a godly woman. They will be ministering to women coming out of prison, the local jail, rehab centers, abusive situations, etc. The strategy is to offer a program with a minimum commitment of 6 months to a year focusing on intensive discipleship.
  2. A worship leader and a youth pastor. The church is growing and the potential for growth is steadily increasing. A church could sponsor a worship leader or youth leader for a year.
  3. Partners to join us for a week or two who are trained to share the gospel. It is their hearts desire that The River put forth a significant effort to saturate the Bitterroot Valley with the gospel in 2020. They would utilize these partners for street evangelism, event evangelism, in home visits, prayer walking, service projects for the community and more. They need teams who are prepared to openly share Christ and understand the need to present an opportunity for a decision.
  4. They are looking to expand their food pantry ministry. They need to construct a commercial kitchen to enable us to package food ourselves. They have some resources for dried goods, meat, even produce. They are hoping to raise a community garden in 2020 to help meet the hunger needs in the valley. The ability to process the food and preserve it would be a great help to this work. They need funds for construction materials. They need construction teams. THey need commercial stainless steel appliances, dish washer, range, etc.  This is a ministry we would really like to expand in 2020 and they think it will be a great help to P31 as a food resource for the women in the program. It would also be an opportunity for them learn to serve others as part of the program in the food distribution ministry.

Southside Community Fellowship, Billings

Dr. Larry B. Elrod, Pastor

P.O. Box 30621
3115 6th Ave S
Billings, MT 59107
Cell: (406) 672-5449

  1. Sponsor Churches
  2. Mission Projects

Contact church for additional details.

Summit Life Church, Whitefish

Chris Baker, Pastor

  1. Sponsor Churches needed: Reboot – Combat Veterans Recovery Program. Financial assistance is needed to support this ministry to combat veterans during our intentional ministry program which cares for the children during sessions, provides meals, and materials to be used during sessions.
  2. Construction Team: Basic construction 12×40 building on skids. Basic wiring with 50 amp service. Simple plumbing with a composting toilet.  Hot water and heat with propane.

Valley Baptist Church, Huntley

Pastor Stan Bricker
Hwy 312 @ Rd 8,
Huntley, Mt 59037
  1. Looking for training and resources in all areas of ministry.
  2. Mission teams to help build a storage garage – concrete slab is poured. Looking for help in early spring April or May.
  3. Car port and concrete parking area in front of the church, 20′ x 160′
  4. Kitchen Pantry expansion and a new much larger freezer.
  5. Mission teams to help with outreach in our LoveLoudly campaign, VBS, sports camps, block parties, day camps, etc..

If you are interested in a partnership listed above or one that is not listed, please contact Eric Perkins or call (903) 918-1926.