Prayer Strategy Meetings — 2017

We Will Pray  - a workshop to develop a strategy for leading your congregation to a culture of prayer. Hosted by the North Texas Baptist Association - Heath Peloquin, DOM.

September 26, 2017
11:00am - 1:00pm (Lunch Included)

North Texas Baptist Association
571 South Edmonds Lane #101
Lewisville, TX 75067

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Camille Minor serves as the Women’s Prayer Network Catalyst. Her role is to develop a network of praying women in the churches. She works directly with the SBTC Prayer Strategist to facilitate a culture of prayer in the church. Please contact Camille Minor for more information.      

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Acts 4:23-35


Each year the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention encourages local churches to a day of prayer in the month of October. This has often been a day of intercession for the annual meeting.

This year, the call and emphasis are different. We are asking each affiliated pastor and church to use October 22, 2017 as a day of focused intercession for a fresh movement of God’s Spirit in our churches (revival) and our land (spiritual awakening). Since the beginning of preparation for this guide, the Gulf Coast and consequently all of Texas, has experienced Hurricane Harvey. One aspect of our prayer will reflect that.

It will also reflect what I have learned in the Southern Hemisphere among a Church that is awakened to God. They are grateful, generous, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ shapes what they do. Hope is only in Jesus.

Pastor, this guide is provided as just that – a guide. You are free to change anything, use it to provoke your own thoughts and creativity, or use as is.

It is provided in the conviction that a local church is led by the Pastor. We want to assist you in leading your congregation to pray. Here are some suggestions.

Sunday Morning Worship: Devote the entire service to prayer. This suggested guide will focus on Acts 4:23-35. Themes will be gratitude, intercession, generosity, and the gospel.

Begin with vertical worship (Hymns, songs, etc. singing to God, not about God) – 10 minutes

Call the people to prayer: Read theme verses, pray and explain the format of the day – 5-7 minutes

Prayers of gratitude. Scripture tells us how to enter God’s presence – with gratitude (Psalm 95:2). You may have a couple of people pray (brief), then let someone read a list of all the good things God has done in the church and in answer to prayer. Thank him and praise him. Acts 4:23ff is a prayer of praise and gratitude. – 12 minutes

Worship in music – 5 minutes (Again, vertical.)

Prayers of intercession - This is a good time for what is sometimes called “rapid fire” prayers. List the intercessory mercy needs. Ask people in the congregation to lead. Line them up across stage and let them come to the microphone in order and without introduction. They are to intercede for their assigned topic 30 seconds. One really can pray in 30 seconds. Select the people and assign the topic in advance. Encourage them to pray for the church, the pastor, the leaders, the family, the ISD, the city or community, the sick, the lost, the backslidden, etc. You will know of needs to insert in this prayer time. Use men, women, youth, and even older children. Be creative. You time frame is based on how many pray. If they are cooperative, you can have lots of prayer in a 12 minutes time frame. You do not have to introduce this – just let them come and pray.

Worship in vertical music – one song, 3-5 minutes

Prayers of repentance – Are there areas in which repentance is needed? Allow the congregation freedom to either pray alone, come kneel at the altar, etc. But lead them in a time of prayerful reflection and repentance. Ask influential leaders (whose lives reflect a walk with Christ) to lead. Use a couple of them and then the pastor closes. If you have capable musicians who understand, you might consider letting a pianist, keyboard, or organist play softly which enhances and atmosphere of worship but also allows a bit more privacy in prayers. – 12-15 minutes

Prayers for mercy – “Lord, have mercy!” should be our cry after we have repented. Mercy is an active sense of compassion. In our prayer time, we are asking God to have mercy upon the victims of Harvey as well as ourselves. Pray we also would be merciful. Colossians 3:12-13; James 2:13; 1 Peter 1:3-4; Jude 20-23.

Prayers of generosity – Generosity is a hallmark of Christians South of the equator who have experienced revival and spiritual awakening. Although very poor in many cases, they are similar to the early Christians in Acts 4:32 who share all they have. Lead a prayer time that the Holy Spirit would transform the lives of the believers in your church to where they are ‘biblically generous’. – 10 minutes

Prayer for the gospel to go forth concludes the prayer time. Pray for lost people; ask God to raise up laborers (Matthew 9:35) – 10 minutes           

Close. However you end your services.


It is encouraged that you come back late afternoon or evening to continue the day of prayer. This can be done within a two hour time frame. Here are some suggestions.

1. Divide your prayer teams into small teams that can pray together through the building(s). Someone or some team should pray in and over every room in the building.

Think of what is supposed to take place in that room. Pray the purpose of God. Pray for the leaders – if the worship center, pray for pastor, choir, staff, ushers, instrumentalists, etc. If a Sunday School room, pray for the instruction designed to take place.

Ask God to restrict any activity of the enemy – James 4:7-10; 1 Peter 5:6-9; Jude 9.

2. Pray the Perimeter of the property. Let everyone, as they complete their inside prayer assignments, gather outside and prayer walk the perimeter of the property.

Turn to the north, west, south, and east and pray for the community and the globe. Pray for an openness to the gospel, laborers to go into the harvest, and for the principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places to be held at bay (Ephesians 6:12).

Turn inward toward the property and pray for the activities that take place there and for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

3. When drawing to a close, all of those praying should gather at a pre-determined location – parking lot, worship auditorium, etc. for a closing prayer. In that prayer time, the pastor may or may not offer opportunity for testimony of what God has done during the day. Whether there is testimony or not, the pastor should lead the closing prayer reaffirming repentance on the part of the church and reaffirming the church to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and dedicated to the eternal purposes of God. That is the final prayer.

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