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adult ministries

affinity-based training, resources and consultation for churches

young adults

Supports networking and training events for young adult ministries in Texas churches.


Empowering, equipping, networking and mobilizing churches to make multiplying desiciples on the college campuses in Texas.

family ministry

We work with churches to help parents as the primary faith trainers in the home. We strive to assist church leaders through trainings, resources and consultations around the state and through our online tools.

women's ministry

Support to women working in all areas of ministry. We do this by providing conferences, leadership training, creative ideas and expertise in the area of women’s ministry

men's ministry

We aid churches in their endeavor to develop godly men, along with building healthy ministries for men. We work to resource, connect and encourage leaders in the church through consultations and ministry tools. 

55+ adults

Assisting Texas church to engage one of the fastest-growing segments in our society to impact churches, cultures and communities.

if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!