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I recall an old song, “Little Is Much, When God Is in It.”Maybe you need a refreshing reminder that whatever your littleis, God can make it much. Whether your ministry is large and multi-faceted or small with one or two leaders, assessment from God’s perspective is always refreshing.

Personal Reflection. God burdens hearts for ministry and he calls us as individuals. Most of us are little in the world’s acclaim, yet God invites us to serve him. So…

Assess your little,or your much. Trace God’s hand in your ministry; remember when you began and what has occurred along the way. Identify progress you’ve made. Take time to pray; ask God to reveal his perspective on the ministry you lead and our personal accountability before God.

Regardless of your title, you are a ministry leader!

One verse of this song asks, “Does the place you’re called to labor seem so small and little known? It is great when our God is in it, for he will not forsake his own.”

Ministry Vision – You made plans last year and now the calendar says spring!Are your activities and plans fitting the original vision? If you are just beginning women’s ministry in your church, identify the vision and prepare to communicate it clearly. Ask God to show you what he desires regarding women in your church, and in your local area. Consider a prayer walk so God can open your physical eyes with spiritual discernment.

Team Work – Teams consist of diverse roles and responsibilities. There are no small responsibilities as all contribute to the wellbeing of this ministry. Allow team members to function, and delegate so no one is overworked.

Ministry Money – Today’s economy demands creativity in ministry. Consider joining nearby churches for retreats or larger events; contact women’s ministry leaders in your area and labor together to God’s glory. (Laura Taylor and I experienced this at the recent Roundtable in Spring.)

Evaluate – Goals help you identify results: Participants? Women saved? Greater interest expressed? More volunteers? There should be some discernable results of ministry, but the greatest result is pleasing the one for whom we work!

Be encouraged that your little, or your much, is great when God is in it when we go, in Jesus’ name.

Kittie Louise Suffield (1884–1972) Little Is Much When God Is In It, 1924. Kittie and her husband, Frederick, went into evangelism and sometimes worked with their former pastor’s son, George Beverly Shea.