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Observe ladies who would do well as leaders. Invite qualified women to lead, co-lead, or facilitate groups. Provide shadowing opportunities, training, resources, and encouragement that will equip leaders or facilitators to engage with women.

  • Utilize short training videos to equip leaders. Videos are available via SBTC Women’s Ministry.
  • Utilize the SBTC Women’s Ministry Leadership Guide.
  • Encourage and pray for current, new, and potential leaders.

Train leaders in these five areas of responsibility:

    • Connecting with the ladies in their care (see below for ways to connect with ladies)
    • Praying for their ladies
    • Leading or facilitating Bible studies (see above for more information on restructuring Bible studies)
    • Guiding and redirecting discussions
    • Making disciples
    • Train leaders in basic technology use (if needed) in order to lead virtual or hybrid (face-to-face plus virtual) women’s groups.