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A woman of faith, in a time of Hebrew persecution

In Exodus 1 we learn that Moses was born in turbulent times. Long after Joseph had died, an Egyptian King came to power and became fearful of the growing Hebrew community. There were so many Jews, the king ordered midwives to kill the male Hebrew babies that were born. And it was during that time Moses was born.

At the time of his birth, Moses’ mother saw the child was very special, a blessing from God. Because of her bravery, she and her husband hid their precious son for three months, until she was unable to keep him hidden any longer. In her desperate state of saving her son Moses, she had a plan to make him a waterproof basket coated with tar, and then she placed her baby in the basket, and placed him among the reeds along the Nile as his sister stood at a distance and watched.

In the perfect moment, Pharaoh’s daughter’s attendants were walking along the river bank and saw the basket among the reeds. Pharaoh’s daughter asked a Hebrew slave (Moses’ sister) to fetch the basket and bring it to her. When Pharaoh’s daughter had opened the basket she realized it was a Hebrew baby boy crying and she felt compassion for him. Moses’ sister, asked Pharaoh’s daughter if she wanted her to get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the crying baby? And so Miriam left to call the child’s mother.

Hebrew 11:23-24 says, “By faith Moses’ parents hid baby Moses for three months because they saw he was not an ordinary baby and his parents were not afraid of the King’s edit.”

What?! Not afraid? Who was this woman who gave birth to Moses? We know very little of her, but what we do know is that in her short time with her son, she instilled in him an understanding of who he was, a Hebrew.

Moses’ mother was young, fearless and a wonderful example to her daughter, who was also brave. For Moses, his Hebrew mother influenced her son to remain a Hebrew in the midst of an Egyptian culture. We know this because Moses was used by God for the purpose of leading the Hebrew people out of Egypt to the promise land.

May is the month we celebrate Mother’s Day. As we celebrate our own mothers let us remember those in the Bible who were used by God for a specific purpose. In this case, the mother of Moses who kept her son alive and who’s daughter participated in helping save her baby brother.

Most moms have no idea what their children will become, but one thing we do know is what we model will influence our children. Just as Moses’ mother was brave, so was her daughter  and as she taught her son about Hebrew beliefs, her son Moses did not lose his Hebrew identity as he grew up in an Egyptian home.

So mothers have the potential of influencing their children far beyond their own expectations. As you live your life for Jesus, know your children are not only watching but following your lead.

Happy Mother’s Day!