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Mentoring has been a topic of discussion among women for decades. When we look at Titus 2 we know that passing on the practical application of Scripture to everyday life has been of great importance since biblical times. However, with our busy schedules, many women find it a challenge to even think about engaging in this important practice. Recently, God has been opening doors for me in this area in very simple ways.

It does not have to happen at a certain time or on a regular time schedule.
Be flexible!I have found that I have no “set” times with the younger women I meet with regularly. I wait until I get a text message or a phone call because that is when there is something on their minds. We meet at my home or at a coffee shop when they have someone to watch the kids or sometimes I go to them. It is all about convenience for both of you!

Once the relationship begins, you become a valuable resource to one another.
The relationship usually begins because the younger woman seeks the more mature woman out and asks to meet with her because she needs advice.  However, what I have found is that as the relationship continues I am inspired and energized by these dynamic young women who want to serve the Lord. They share recipes with me, home decorating tips and so many other great things! The relationship deepens because it becomes reciprocal.

Use technology
Sometimes, life happens and we just cannot get together…but there is an immediate need. I might get an email or a text crying out for help. Those are certainly fine ways to communicate when you cannot get together face to face. There are also great apps that can be used for videotext chats. (The one we use is Marco Polo. It is free.) The younger women will videotext me, describing the issue that has come up and sending it to me. (Sometimes, their husbands will chime in with comments to fill in the details.) I can listen to it when I have a moment and then can videotext them back. It has given us a great avenue to communicate when getting together won’t work. Many times we see each other on the screen with no makeup and a baseball cap on. How convenient is that? It’s great!

If you are younger…seek a more mature woman out. If you are the more mature woman…be willing.
There are blessings in store for you both. Make yourself available. Seek out wise counsel. There are ways to build relationships that will honor God, bless both of you and last a lifetime.