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Ways to Connect

  • Encourage women to meet, when wise and healthy, in one-on-one or very small group settings.
  • Develop multiple groups with group leaders. Leaders can use the same content and questions created by the main leader.
  • Utilize the hybrid meeting technique by recording sessions for later use or adding in live, virtual attendees. 
  • Encourage women to reach out to one another through personal phone calls, cards in the mail, social media, etc. Develop/Enlist a ministry team to facilitate this.
  • In this new landscape, there is a greater need for women to have someone to listen to their experiences, losses, and griefs that may have occurred throughout this pandemic.  Set up a prayer team to be a ministry tool to engage and lend support to help toward healing. Make sure that every woman in the church is lifted before the Lord.

Using Technology

  • Provide opportunities for women to engage with one another via virtual, face-to-face (using a social distancing and/or limited contact plan of action), or a hybrid of face-to-face plus virtual meetings. 
  • Provide simple training or guidance to teach any woman of any generation to use technology in order to develop and maintain connection with the women of the church.