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about people groups


Our vision is to see a church planting movement among the unreached people groups living in Texas

did you know...

  • The Texas population is expected to increase by 22.5% this decade; 34% from international migration
  • Approximately 421 different people groups are represented in Texas
  • Over 300 languages are spoken in Texas
  • Over 500,000 Muslims and 1 million Hindus and Buddhists reside in Texas
  • Approximately 200 Islamic mosques, 100 Hindu temples and 150 Buddhist temples are located in Texas
  • An average of 82,000 international students attend Texas universities yearly
  • Pluralism and relativism reign


Equip the local church to reach people groups in Texas, moving from friendship and spiritual conversations to discipleship and house church planting


  • Plant Simple/House churches
  • Equip churches to effectively communicate the Gospel to unreached people groups
  • Equip and assist churches in planting house churches
  • Provide training to reach people of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim backgrounds


  • Treasure the body of Christ
  • Depend on God through prayer
  • Utilize all God-given resources
  • Prioritize reaching unreached people groups

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