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people group facts

common people group questions…

what is a people group?

A significantly large sociological grouping of individuals who perceive themselves to have a common affinity with one another.

“For evangelization purposes, a people group is the largest group within which the Gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance.”
(source: 1982 Lausanne Committee Chicago meeting)

Texas has over 400 people groups who speak over 300 languages. They represent the worlds major religions (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam) as well as many others.

where do they live?

More than 4 million people in Texas live in apartment units (14.17% of the total population).  An estimated 96% of these do not attend church anywhere. Many international people groups live in apartment housing, which comprises a large percentage of housing in urban areas.

  • 41% in Houston and Dallas

  • 37% in Austin

  • 25% in San Antonio

  • 21% Fort Worth

  • 18% El Paso*

The reality is that most apartment dwellers will not attend a church building. The Gospel must be taken to them, to create simple, reproducible, relationship based communities that become new church plants inside their apartment complexes.

*Source: National Multifamily Housing Council

where do they come from?

Refugees come from many countries and people groups, including African peoples (Congolese and Somali), Bhutanese-Nepali, Arab (Iraq), Persian (Iran), Afghan, Burmese (Rohingya, Karen, Karreni, Bhama, Chin).

Foreign born peoples primarily emigrate from:

  • China

  • South Korea

  • Japan

  • India

  • Pakistan

International students arrive from India, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and more. Yearly, an average of 82,000 international students attend Texas universities.

what are their needs?

International people groups face many challenges as they settle in Texas. Though they vary, general needs include:

  • English as a Second Language classes

  • Basic household needs

  • Assistance in adapting and adjusting to life in Texas

  • Community support

  • Friendship

Above all, their greatest need is to hear the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

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