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Spring semester is almost here! This is a great time to take a breath and think of a few different strategic items that could be a game changer for your final semester, and even set you up well for fall of 2023. So, here are 4 things to consider in order to kick start your college ministry this spring.

Set attainable goals

It can be easy to be accidental, don’t be that. Be intentional with where you’re going and plan out intentional steps along the way. Ask this question, “What do I want to be true about me and my ministry by May 12, 2023?”  Think of this in both your personal leadership and also the ministry. Take a moment and write out the answer to that question. Then, work backwards creating a few action steps that would help you reach that vision statement. Consider setting aside 30 minutes once a month to assess how you’re doing. Make sure to put this time on your calendar to stay intentional with your goals.

Cast vision to high school and college seniors

You have graduating seniors both coming into and going out of your ministry. Be intentional with both of these groups. Start getting involved in the youth ministry of your church this Spring. A couple great opportunities are to help lead high school seniors at Spring DNOWS or during summer camps. Another would be to connect with other churches who might be sending students to your campus. A few years ago I talked to a college minister who found out where many of their students were coming from and he started emailing churches in those cities and towns to let them know that his church would be happy to welcome their outgoing high school seniors.

You also have college students leaving your ministry at the end of the semester. It’s time for those seniors to start thinking about transition. Erica Young Reitz wrote a wonderful book, After College, that helps seniors navigate this transition in their life. She also just came out with some online tools to help college ministers navigate this time with their students. Lead seniors with intentionality and don’t forget to cast them a vision beyond college that is not just about the ‘American Dream’,  but rather what does God desire of them? That could mean choosing to join a strategic kingdom work rather than simply a career path.

Plan a spring break trip

This is a great opportunity to help students continue to see their life as not their own and one that is on God’s agenda. Mission trips help students get out of their own box and see what God is doing in other places. It’s often these types of trips that God speaks loud and clear to students about vocational ministry or a lifestyle of ministry. You will never go wrong getting students out of their comfort zone in a shared experience sharing the gospel. It’s always a win.

Get a head start on the fall with a summer project

Summer projects are where it’s at in terms of helping students see their life as one on mission with God and creating some of your best leaders. It’s an immersive experience that expedites momentum in the fall for your college ministry. So many college ministers don’t think about this because they don’t feel like they have the capacity to pull it off. Although there may be some truth to that, the North American Mission Board has a cheat code for you with GenSend–(they also have Spring Break trips too). GenSend helps students be on mission during the summer in places all over North America, and it’s a fraction of the cost if you were to do it on your own. Steve Turner and his team do a great job with GenSend and partnering with them would be an easy first step.


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