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The fall is a fast and furious time for college ministers and then all of a sudden December hits and things slow way down. Now is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on all that God did in the Fall of 2022. Whether you had an awesome or hard semester, it is worth assessing. Here are some pointed questions that will help you assess your ministry at your midway point in this school year.

What is one thing that you did really well?

Ministry can be discouraging, so make sure pat yourself on the back and give yourself some credit for the good things that happened. What did you do this semester that really went well? Even if you think its small, take time to celebrate it. You may even potentially need to lean in here more for the following semester. Take time to rejoice and consider how you can pour some gasoline on whatever that is for next semester.

What is one thing you need to stop doing?

Think of this as something that is going on in your ministry, that if not stopped, it would be detrimental. This could be something about your personal leadership, it could mean having a talk with someone on your leadership team, or it could also be a talk you need to have with your supervisor about their expectations of you (make sure you tread carefully here).

What is one thing that you need to start doing?

Is there something missing from your ministry that you need to kick off? Maybe your students are hearing a lot of teaching and Bible study, but lack in being on mission; sharing the gospel to those who have never heard. Maybe you’ve gotten frustrated with some of your leaders; incorporating leadership evaluations may help create an environment to discuss. However, make sure your leaders know your expectations of them before you tell them what you think they need to improve on.

What is one thing about your ministry that is confusing and you need to bring clarity to?

Is there something that confuses everyone? No one is quite sure what is going on? Perhaps this could be your disciple-making process; there is not a clear pathway on what’s next for a student as they grow in their faith. Another example could be that you and your supervisor, or those you lead, don’t have communicated expectations so its difficult to measure success. Try to create clarity because clarity provides confidence.

Who is the person you need to invest more time into?

Who is the next man or woman up? As you look at your ministry, start to spot those who have potential to lead and being to invest more time into them. This can seem unfair, but this was the model Jesus gave us: he had twelve, but he invested more time into Peter, James, and John. Who is your Peter, James, and John? This person should have more leadership roles the following year which will help you expand your influence.

What is your one big prayer for Spring 2023?

What would you love to be said of your ministry in May of 2023? Start praying for that and make sure it’s a goal that cannot be attained without the Lord’s provision.

I’m praying you have a great Spring 2023! If I can ever be a help to you, please feel free to reach out.